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   Chapter 420 Cain Is Here (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-23 02:19

The slightly worried and confused expressions on their faces immediately gave way to shock and anger. They finally realized that the handsome young man was extremely powerful. As it was, they didn't even stand a chance against him.

"You are Cain!" It took all of Darren's strength to just be able to utter these three little words. However, the intensity of his stare made up for the lack of physical strength.

"Well, aren't you a clever one?"

"Is it you who cut off my connection with the Ancient Void Battlefield?" Darren asked, and now he was able to summon his strength better. But he was almost certain what the answer would be anyway.

"Of course it is me! Who else would have the power to do so except me?"

Darren fell silent after hearing his answer. It seemed that Cain wasn't just a simple five-star grand demonic monster. He could even use the power of a rule cultivator! Not only that, he was very good at it as well.

"You petty humans! I am here! Didn't you say that you wanted to have a fight with me? Okay! Let's fight!"

Right at that moment, a figure appeared in the sky. He floated in front of the human grand warriors and began to shout some audacious words at them.

A feeling of dread washed over Darren. With difficulty, he raised his head to look up at the sky. He found that there was a man who looked just like the young man in front of him. The only difference was that the man in the sky looked older.

"Grand demonic monster Cain, you finally came for your own death!" one of the three-star grand warriors shouted.

'No! He's not Cain! Run!' Darren had a really bad feeling about this. He wanted to warn the martial artists so badly.

But without his strength, he just could


"What?" Cain turned to stare at him, face stone cold.

"Am I wrong? You are a coward for getting an avatar to make the grand warriors use the Sky Piercing Array instead of fighting yourself! You are afraid to die, weakling! I bet you won't dare to fight with the human martial artists yourself, right? A beast is a beast. And you will always be a filthy beast," Abelard sneered, disdain evident in his eyes and dripping heavily from his every word. He stared back at Cain with courage. So immense was his fury that he didn't even consider what his words could cause, how they could put him into even more danger. He was far beyond caring at this point.

"Ha-ha! I know you are only saying this to get me angry and irritated. Well, I have to say, you succeeded. I hate people when they start ranting about something they don't even have the right to judge. So, you will have to die first!" Cain was indeed irritated by Abelard's words. However, he tried to swallow down the anger he felt so that he didn't lose his cool. Calmly, he raised one hand into the air and it transformed into a white claw. He aimed it straight at Abelard's throat.

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