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   Chapter 419 Cain Is Here (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-23 00:12

All of a sudden, Darren lost control of the Ancient Void Battlefield. There was no way of getting access to it anymore, as he couldn't even feel the existence of the Ancient Void Battlefield anymore, let alone get to it.

He was floating in the sky with dazed eyes reflecting the bewilderment he felt. He still hadn't fully registered what the hell just happened. Meanwhile, the other human grand warriors flew over to stand beside him.

"Young man, was it a small space that you used just now?" one of the three-star grand warriors asked him in an impressed tone.

"Oh, it's you! What a nice coincidence!" Before Darren could process what was happening, much less give a reply, one middle-aged man interrupted them. He wiped away the blood and shook off the dust that had settled on his body, and then flew even closer to Darren. He leaned in, bringing their faces in closer proximity.

"And you are?" Darren asked.

"I am the sect master of the Violet Phoenix Sect, Jacob. You haven't met me before, but I have seen your performance that day when you were in the competition," the middle-aged man dressed in white answered with a smile on his face. His voice was gentle and soothing.

"Oh, nice to meet you, sir," Darren greeted him, cupping his hands while lightly bowing to him out of respect.

"Nice to meet you, too, young man." Jacob nodded his head, then added, "I can't believe you are this talented and powerful at such a young age! You even thought of a way to fight the winged-tiger in his frantic state. We are quite lucky to have you on our side."

"Thank you, sir. I appreciate that." Darren just smiled at Jacob in a polite way.

"You're simply lucky to still be alive. If the winged-tiger hadn't been so fully focused on killing the Water Kylin, you wouldn't have stood the slightest chance to open the small space at

ding some distance away from them.

Noticing that Darren was staring at him, the young man winked in a mischievous way. He was smiling, but the smile seemed laden with hidden meaning. Darren couldn't help but immediately feel suspicious.

"Was it you?" Darren demanded an answer, never one to beat around the bush. His tone was cold as ice.

"Shush!" The handsome young man lifted his hand and pressed a finger to his lips, a clear gesture for Darren to keep quiet. Then he walked over to them and said in a quiet voice, "The show is still on. Don't alarm the prey."

After hearing this, everyone was instantly alert. How could the three of them not feel like something was terribly wrong now? They immediately let out their auras at the same time, and were about to attack the young man standing in front of them.

"Tut, tut! I told you to be quiet. Don't make me do it. Look, the best part is yet to come. Be good and don't distract me, okay?" he told them while raising one of his hands. In the blink of an eye, Darren, Timothy and Abelard were restricted by a Shackle Rune. All of the strength they had was sucked out of their bodies and vanished completely. They didn't even have enough strength left to cry for help.

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