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   Chapter 418 The Frantic State

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"Who the hell are you?" Darren instinctively shouted without a second thought, his tone hostile.

"Don't get your panties in a twist. Let's just watch what happens next." The handsome young man let out an amused laugh, avoiding answering Darren's question.

"We're not in the mood for that. Either you leave, or we'll go." Timothy was in a confrontational mood as well. Although he did not feel any dangerous aura from the young man, he was still wary of him, as any person in their right mind would be when a stranger appeared in front of them all of a sudden.

"All right, all right. I can tell that I'm not welcome here. I will go. Goodbye." The young man was not the least bit ruffled by the other two young men's attitudes—he was at ease and a smile was still on his face. He waved his hand at them and slowly walked away.

However, he didn't get too far before he stopped and continued to watch the battle in the sky, standing about a dozen feet away from Darren.

Darren and the two others stared at the young man, left speechless by what he did.

"Forget about him. Let's just focus on the fight for now," Abelard said, waving his hand dismissively.

The fight in the sky was starting to get into a more violent state—several three-star grand warriors had already been badly wounded.

The winged-tiger had already lost some of his strength as well, but he was still able to easily chase after grand warriors and incapacitate them.

There was a loud rumble as an explosion violently hit the winged-tiger.

Right when he was chasing after a grand warrior, Hailey struck out and used her purple internal force to send an attack towards his direction.

Hailey's purple internal force was unquestionably powerful that the winged-tiger could not resist even if he wanted to. The purple internal force clobbered his whole body, leaving him extremely wounded.

However, as impressive as the attack was, the winged-tiger's wounds healed quickly. After only a few seconds, the majority of the wounds on his body were already healed. He then immediately charged at Hailey with all his might at a frightening speed.

"Stop right there, you beast!" The Water Kylin chased after the winged-tiger, descending on him at an equally fast rate and blocking his way like a huge black mountain.

The two beasts engaged in a vicious fight once again. The grand warriors took no time to extend their help towards the Water Kylin, all using their strongest skill to aid him.

A sword made out of runes also appeared—it was another rule attack from Hailey.

"Ha! Do you really think that's going to hurt me?" The winged-tiger sneered as he then opened his huge blood red mouth and gulped down the sword made of runes.

"Everyone, attack the beast with all your might!" Hailey urged at the others immediately after her attack, shouting at them in a desperately loud voice.

The rest of the martial artists did not really fully understand the situation, but they had a feeling that it might be the chance to kill the beast.

Hailey then waved her hands, m

her face immediately changed.

"Get back, you fool!" Her voice shook in a mixture of worry and anger.

However, much to her disappointment, Darren took no notice of what she said—he still continued to charge at the two figures fighting despite the caution.

"Don't come here, master!" the water Kylin shouted in a hasty attempt to stop his master from approaching his own doom. He slightly moved away to keep the winged-tiger's claw away from his heart.

Darren didn't seem to hear the Water Kylin's warning. He just kept launching his dark gold internal force towards the winged-tiger.

Darren's strong power exploded on the winged-tiger's body, but it still was not enough to kill him. The winged-tiger turned his head around to face Darren and roared angrily. His voice alone made Darren feel like he was about to be torn apart.

"Ancient Void Battlefield, open for me!"

From observing the fight, Darren was aware that his power would not be able to hurt the winged-tiger at all. He only used his internal force to attract his attention in order to stop him from killing the Water Kylin anytime soon.

Under Darren's force of control, the Ancient Void Battlefield opened in the blink of an eye. The strong suction immediately dragged the Water Kylin inside along with the winged-tiger.

"Kill the winged-tiger immediately, Finley!" Darren used his spiritual sense to send a message to Finley.

"Of course. Don't worry about the Water Kylin. I'll keep him safe," Finley responded.

Darren was confident in Finley's strength. He finally let out a small sigh of relief. With Finley's help, he was slightly assured.

Although Darren knew that Finley had the strength to kill the winged-tiger in the frantic state on his own, he still wanted to witness it with his own eyes. However, when he tried to enter into the Ancient Void Battlefield, a frightening feeling washed over him.

"What happened? Why did I lose connection with the Ancient Void Battlefield? " Darren mumbled, his brows furrowed in shock and confusion.

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