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   Chapter 417 Fighting Against The Winged-Tiger

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Suddenly, a legendary beast rushed out. All of the human grand warriors were instantly on their guard, bodies tensing up and getting ready for an attack. However, they noticed straight away that the Water Kylin showed no hostility towards them. As they felt that there was no harm that could befall them, they as well had no intention to kill him.

"That's a legendary beast!"

"That's a Kylin!"

All the grand warriors were startled. They could clearly feel that the being in front of them was different from the grand demonic monster standing before them, as they could sense the aura of a legendary beast. Truly, the Water Kylin was emitting a dense aura of the bloodline of the legendary beast. It was easy to spot, as it was far more pure than the grand demonic monster.

Instantly, the four-star grand demonic monster turned sinister in appearance. The aura of the Water Kylin made him squirm, feeling uncomfortable due to the suppressing force that was inflicted upon him from the real legendary beast.

"You, the true descendant of Kylin, why do you help those contemptible humans?" the sub-specific descendent winged-tiger exclaimed with an overwhelmingly nefarious aura.

"You have no right to tell me how to behave. Who do you think you are?" the Water Kylin sneered while demonstrating his unmatched speed and strength.

He showed it in the form of the strong momentum that was derived from a sense of superiority of the real legendary beast. When faced with the impure descendants of the legendary beasts, it became particularly strong. Such a sense of superiority would naturally reveal the true strength that was hidden underneath the surface.

Meanwhile, the humans who were listening to their exchange came to the realization that the Water Kylin had come here to help them. However, that made no sense. They looked at each other with confused expressions, not understanding why the Water Kylin would come to their aid.

"My lord, may I ask why you came to help us?"

a three-star grand warrior asked as politely as he could. To show his respect, he even saluted the Water Kylin. This was not done because he thought that the status of the Water Kylin was beyond theirs, but rather to follow common etiquette for polite and respectful behavior. After all, the Water Kylin was still a beast and for that reason not above them in status.

"I come here at my master's command. So, save your lecture. Even if my master didn't ask me to do that, I would still come and teach a lesson to the subspecific descendant," the Water Kylin replied coldly, still staring at the grand demonic monster.


the subspecific descendant of a winged-tiger suddenly roared loudly, the sound waves making everything around the monster shake. His evil aura, changing its form as if it was a weapon, suddenly surged high into the sky. It was apparent that he was truly enraged.

"You bastard, don't get carried away by your sense of superiority just because of your pure bloodline. I will kill you, you hired thug. You will find out what real power is!" the winged-tiger bellowed as he was ready to launch his attacks. Thorns appeared on his paws, reflecting light and glittering due to their composition of ice light.

"My lord, it all depends on you," another three-star grand warrior said while saluting the Water Kylin, right before the battle was

re on more even ground, the winged-tiger and the Water Kylin started fighting each other in a fierce and violent way.

With a fight this powerful going on, though the space they were in was stable, tiny cracks started to appear.

Since the fight had been upgraded between the two legendary beasts, nobody could match them anymore. Both had the power of a four-star grand warrior, so the other grand warriors could not afford to intervene. They stood no chance. However, what they could do was to watch intently and find the winged-tiger's flaws. Upon finding them, they could attack him with the intention of disturbing and irritating him.

The intense fight kept going for a long time with neither one showing signs of slowing down. Almost eight hours had already passed. Now, the Water Kylin had been injured, and the winged-tiger wasn't faring much better, clearly bruised and bleeding as well. However, the wounds of the winged-tiger seemed to be less severe than the Water Kylin's.

"Damn it. If the fight continues, I'm afraid we will lose," Timothy cursed, the worry he felt clearly etched on his face. He knew the situation was bad for them.

"Relax. The great beauty Hailey is still waiting over there, after all this time," Abelard assured his friend in a confident voice.

However, Darren didn't say a word. He figured that even Hailey couldn't be able to turn the tables. If the fight went on like this, it would be easier for the winged-tiger to attack and kill one of those grand warriors.

"They will certainly suffer a crushing defeat unless they use the Sky Piercing Array," Darren said anxiously, his cool mask slipping.

"Young man, I don't think so. If the woman joins the fight, the winged-tiger will fail." Suddenly a towering voice boomed behind them.

Hearing the voice, Darren, Timothy and Abelard all broke out in a cold sweat that raised goosebumps on their backs. Their hearts started racing. Slowly, they turned around.

Standing there was a handsome young man in his twenties, with a light smile gracing his lips. He looked at the three friends with mild curiosity.

Even though the smile looked kind and inviting, a terrible sense of foreboding loomed over them, making their hearts feel heavy.

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