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   Chapter 416 Legendary Beast Sub-species (Part Two)

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After collecting so many demonic elixirs, Darren grew weary. He wanted to take a break as he had run out of energy. Alarmingly the hairs on his body started to rise.

Suddenly, a gust of a strong aura drew his attention. It would seem it was not yet the time to relax as something ominous was looming closer and approaching.

"Where is this formidable aura coming from? Is it released by the legendary five-star grand demonic monster?" Darren could not help but wonder out loud to himself. He strained his eyes and tried to see through layers and layers of clouds.

"No, it was just from a four-star grand demonic monster," a familiar voice said from behind. He thought he recognized the voice so he turned around. It was none other than the Water Kylin, who had returned with both Timothy and Abelard.

"How terrifying! Even a four-star grand demonic monster can emit such a strong aura!" he exclaimed. The aura was stifling. Timothy and Abelard could not help from feeling pressures as they thought of the potential dangers ahead of them in battles to come.

"They are indeed powerful! I remember Finley was at the four-star level at that time, and he gave me quite a hard beating one time. I still have a scar from it," the Water Kylin sighed then grumbled. The displeasure was obvious.

"Who is Finley?" Timothy asked, puzzled as it was the first time he heard the name Finley.

"He is a freak! A complete and utter freak!" the Water Kylin blurted out with a frown and pursed lips.

"Be quiet! I don't want to be noticed by those people! This four-star grand demonic monster seems to be difficult to handle. Listen to me now! If they cannot get power over him, you go and help them out," Darren carefully instructed the Water Kylin. Darren knew how much power a four-star grand demonic monster possessed, so he anticipated that the fight that was coming quite soon, would be a very tough one.

Darren's advice brought the Water Kylin back from his grudge of Finely and aroused his interest regarding the current situation. He blinked twice very quickly as if waking up from sleep. "It is so lucky t

e. Although the needed time did not last long, the array nonetheless consumed lots of their united cohesive force and decreased their power. Now they were in the plight of moving their last chance of activating their Sky Piercing Array from a five-star grand demonic monster to this four-star grand demonic monster that they originally did not expect to encounter.

"We have no other way but to activate our array. Otherwise, before we could even get a chance, the monster would have put our people to death," Jacob replied worriedly, trying to warn the others.

"What if Cain shows up after we have killed this monster? We would totally not be a match for him in strength by then," another one said wistfully.

"We need to hurry! Once we have succeeded in taking this grand demonic monster down, we must leave this place immediately. We can come for Cain later, after we have completely recovered our strength," Jacob astutely advised.

The plan was settled then. All 20 grand warriors prepared to put the Sky Piercing Array into action. The time was approaching.

"Your enemy is just a sub-species! Let me see what he has got!" A roaring sound was heard from behind them and following that a strong, invincible figure shot through the air and stopped right in the middle of those grand warriors.

It was none other than the Water Kylin who had been ordered to help the grand warriors by Darren.

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