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   Chapter 415 Legendary Beast Sub-species (Part One)

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Nine three-star grand demonic monsters used their most powerful skills and charged towards Hailey. The power the grand demonic monsters demonstrated was so strong that even Darren, who was at the foot of the corpse mountain, felt the wave of the assault.

Darren was both concerned and astonished. As the power of the attack grew increasingly denser, he frowned. Suddenly, he found himself thinking, "Could she get through such a mighty blow? For one of those blows is something to be reckoned with!" Darren wondered woefully.

His concern proved to be quite unfounded. For just when the grand demonic monsters struck towards Hailey, the human grand warriors reacted in time and shielded her. Flashes of blazing light shot throughout the sky as they wielded their weapons and fended off the attack. The protection move by the human martial artists was great to watch.

"You vile monsters! This is how you will end today!" someone shouted at the monsters. The three-star grand warrior in front activated his skill and released a giant blinding circle of light and attacked the grand demonic monsters. The grand demonic monsters withdrew backwards as bits of them were blown to smithereens from the light.

Meanwhile, grabbing this opportune moment, Hailey moved swiftly aside and kept herself from being the target in the middle of the battlefield. She felt grateful for their protection, but also she knew that it was time for her to fight now. While releasing a purple internal force from her palms, she murmured and let out a number of runes. The runes were not invisible, however. As they were read out, they floated in the air and gradually were shaped into a beautiful, gigantic and formidable sword aimed at the grand demonic monsters, just ready to attack anytime.

An ear-splitting explosion emanated from the cluster of the grand demonic monsters. Everything vibrated to the frequency of the sound of the explosion.

In the blink of an eye, the nine grand demonic monsters were shot into the air by the lethal attack and heavily fell to the ground. Some were dead, while some were badly injured and whined. It was a war scene.

It was clear t

re now relaxed and crowded around Hailey with admiration and respect. Hailey once again felt protected.

Undoubtedly, Hailey had already become accustomed to such compliments. However, she remained poised. "I appreciate your esteemed perspective of my skill. Protecting humans is my due responsibility. You don't need to feel gratitude," Hailey said gracefully.

All the grand warriors nodded their heads in agreement, feeling even more fond of Hailey's humility. After some small talk, they started to tidy up their stuff in order to pursue Cain: the king of the grand demonic monsters. It would be a meeting to remember.

Darren did not leave at once. He still hid in the corpse mountain and started to collect those demonic elixirs and to put them into his Space Ring. He had big plans to pursue. By now, Darren had already acknowledged the skill of assimilating spiritual energy from demonic cores and demonic elixirs. He had learned the skill and perfected it.

Using his spiritual sense, Darren actively sought those demonic elixirs of grand diabolic beasts as they were much more powerful and potent than ordinary elixirs. In less than a few minutes, Darren had already collected tens of thousands of demonic elixirs and stuffed them in his Space Ring. As those three-star grand demonic monsters had been defeated, Darren also got their demonic elixirs and placed them in his service. The work was hard but very satisfying.

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