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   Chapter 414 Sneaking Into The Battlefield

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Darren didn't want the others to accompany him as they would surely attract unwanted attention from the demonic monsters. So, he didn't let them tag along, especially the Water Kylin. He had such a strong and unique aura that if he got close to the battlefield, there was no way that he could hide from the demonic monsters. That was why Darren decided to sneak into the battlefield alone.

Darren flew up and down between the big mountains. At the same time, he used his internal force to get rid of the blood raindrops that fell from the sky. He was cautious, as he did not want to draw any attention to himself.

When he was about five hundred miles away from the battlefield, Darren could easily assimilate the talent of the dead demonic monsters. There were so many dead grand demonic monsters below the three-star level that Darren still benefitted from assimilating their talent.

Darren hid under a huge rock and stared at the sky while greedily assimilating the talent left by the dead demonic monsters. After about an hour, he upgraded to level three of the Heaven Degree. His progress speed was astounding!

"Too much talent is being wasted like this. I have to get closer," Darren mumbled to himself. He felt distressed when he saw how much talent he couldn't assimilate due to the distance.

So, he flew forward at a languid speed. Meanwhile, he continued to consume the talent. After about two hours, he finally reached the area right under the battlefield in the sky.

Countless bodies of dead demonic monsters littered the ground under the battlefield. In some places, there were so many bodies piled up that it looked like a huge mountain made of dead beasts.

Darren hid behind the mountain of diabolic beast bodies. Bright red blood continued to rain down from the sky as the fight carried on. The scene was so frightening that it would make one's hairs stand. After releasing his spiritual sense to detect what was going on secretly, Darren found that groups of demonic monsters were continually joining the battle. When he looked up, there were so many creatures that he could no longer see the sun nor any light.

Now that Darren was below the battlefield, the talent he could assimilate doubled. He remained hidden behind the bodies for about four hours and eventually reached the top level of level three of the Heaven Degree! In fact, he was almost ready to break through to level four.

The speed at which Darren was upgrading was rather horrifying. He knew that once he reached the Heaven Degree, the talent he would need to assimilate would increase hundreds of times with each level that he upgraded. For example, when Darren was at level one of the Heaven Degree, he only needed to assimilate the talent of a few demonic monsters that had reach

shocking as the Water Kylin could kill a normal four-star grand warrior with ease.

After a few rounds of fighting, the twenty three-star grand warriors weren't at an advantage. Not only that, if they kept fighting like this and started to lose their strength, they would die. Even if they were lucky enough to win in the end, it was possible that at least half of them would die.

However, to kill the grand demonic monster Cain, they needed every one of the twenty three-star grand warriors. If one of them died, they wouldn't be able to use the Sky Piercing Array, and they wouldn't have any chance to kill Cain at all.


As they exchanged violent attacks back and forth, another unexpected powerful force descended from the sky and joined the battlefield.

Seeing the purple force, Darren couldn't help but widen his eyes in shock. He was just too familiar with the purple force to forget it.

'Is that Hailey? Her fusion power is so intimidating!' Darren was certain that a fusion power of this magnitude could only belong to Hailey and no one else.

In the next second, a beautiful figure surrounded by purple mist descended into the battlefield, like a goddess.

Purple internal force was launched at the three-star grand demonic monsters bolt after bolt, making it hard for them to defend.

"Come on, guys. Let's kill them!"

Now that Hailey had come to help, the twenty three-star grand warriors used their most powerful skills to attack the grand demonic monsters in unison. Almost immediately, one monster died.



The other nine grand demonic monsters were furious when they witnessed the death of their buddy. They spat out their demonic inner elixirs and increased their strength to a frighteningly high level.

Then, they turned to target the beautiful girl surrounded by the purple aura.

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