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   Chapter 413 The Opposite Bank Of The River

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Darren shrugged casually, even though Timothy and Abelard were eagerly waiting for his response. Right from the start, Darren had hidden his real cultivation base. Although he had unintentionally exposed it to them, he wasn't worried. He believed that the two were trustworthy friends, and hence, he would not be at risk if they knew such a secret.

"I have been a little slow in improving my cultivation base. So, my cultivation base is at the peak of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm," Darren responded calmly as he revealed his real cultivation base. As a result, Timothy and Abelard soon realized that he was telling the truth about his cultivation base.

"Oh, my God! You are at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm,"

Timothy and Abelard exclaimed excitedly. Then they rushed to Darren and put their arms on his shoulders.

Darren was speechless. One of the reasons why he hid his real cultivation base was that he didn't want people to make a fuss about it. When Darren didn't react, the two friends began to talk with greater excitement.

"You are a miracle! Oh, no, to be more exact, you are a living legend. We are lucky to be friends with a living legend!"

"Abnormal! It's just far too abnormal. I can't imagine how strong you are going to be when you reach the Grand Realm in the future!"

The two surrounded Darren and continued to speak enthusiastically, their faces flushed with excitement. Never had they met a young warrior with such tremendous potential in martial arts.

"Come on, guys! Stop it! I am not as excited as you guys. I don't know why you are so astounded," Darren replied as he rolled his eyes. Then he casually shook off their hands from his shoulders.

"How can we not be excited? You are a rare genius, the likes of which ordinary people are lucky to encounter once in a million years. We can't believe that we had the chance to meet you and become your friends. Isn't it reasonable for us to be thrilled for a while?" Abelard said with a grin as he tapped Darren on the shoulder.

When Darren studied Timothy's and Abelard's expressions, he observed genuine happiness. For a moment, he thought they could be his true friends. After all, it had been Darren's experience that people wanted to either please him or use him once they learned of his true potential for martial arts. And yet, Timothy and Abelard's attitude toward him had not changed after learning about his real cultivation base level. Darren had expected to sense false respect and patronization from them. However, they just showed their true feelings.

This convinced Darren that they regarded him as their good friend. They made friends with him because they liked him, not because of his real strength and potential.

Once the excitement died, Timothy regained his composure and then suggested, "Guys, I think we've had enough rest. If we don't go to the opposite bank of the river now, I am afraid that we will miss the war,"

Darren nodded before adding, "You are quite right! If we don't leave now, there won't be much demonic monster blood left for you. And what I want will not exist, either."

"Then, what are we waiting for? Let's hurry up!" Abelard said.

Darren walked to the Water Kylin, who was still asleep, kicked him gently, and delivered a message through his spiritual sense. "Hey! You idio

it would be a complete disaster for that place as they would destroy everything there. What was worse, no other areas beyond the river would have twenty three-star grand warriors to fight these creatures.

The whole sky above the river was filled with blood, and the smell of blood rain permeated through the surroundings as the powerful demonic monsters were continually being killed. Even though Darren was a thousand miles from them, he could feel the talent of the diabolic beasts scatter around like a waterfall after they died.

"Assimilate," Darren said and began to absorb the scattering talent.

As there was an excess of beast talent, Darren could assimilate some of it even though he was still far from the main battlefield. However, the amount of talent he was consuming was too little.

"Timothy and Abelard, you two wait here. I'll go to the main battlefield alone." Darren did not want to waste the talent. Thus, he chose to take the risk of going closer.

"No, I don't think it's a good idea. We can't go any further. Even the Water Kylin might not be able to protect us if we are found and attacked by a group of demonic monsters." Both Timothy and Abelard strongly disagreed with Darren's desire to take such a risky step.

Their disagreement was justified. After all, if a large number of grand demonic monsters besieged them, even the Water Kylin wouldn't be able to help. They knew that several powerful demonic monsters would launch sneak attacks to kill them as soon as they were discovered.

"I am sorry, but I have to go. You two should be careful and hide your traces. The most powerful demonic monster hasn't appeared yet. You must not go there rashly," Darren said as he began to move forward.

Seeing that Darren was leaving, Timothy and Abelard sighed. Since Darren was a rare genius that would appear only once in a million years, he would take the risk to improve his talent faster. Thus, they knew they couldn't stop him. So, they lurked in the jungle on the ground and waited for the most powerful demonic monster to appear.

Before Timothy adventured here, he had heard that this time, a group of strong human warriors would unite to kill a five-star grand demonic monster!

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