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   Chapter 412 The Water Kylin Was Stranded (Part Two)

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The Water Kylin went after them. He didn't hesitate and showed no mercy as he killed each of them with just one strike of his claw.

"You all have to die! I will kill you!" The Water Kylin roared in fury, his voice making even Darren and the other two back off a few steps. Goosebumps formed on their bodies and they were all just glad to have the Water Kylin on their side. There was no getting in the way of that pure, unadulterated rage.

Nevertheless, Darren wasn't too worried about it. What he cared about was acting fast. He was doing his best to assimilate the talent of the dead creatures.

An hour passed, and the Water Kylin was still attacking the river with his lightning. About ten more dark green creatures came out of the river and the Water Kylin immediately killed them on sight.

As for Darren, he was ready for every single one, as he didn't want to waste any of their leftover talent. He kept assimilating it. His talent upgraded almost two levels in a row. At this point, he was at the top level of level two of the Heaven Degree!

After all of this, there didn't seem to be any more Invisible Panthers coming out of the river. However, the Water Kylin in his rage just kept his lightning attack coming, never pausing. It took a long while for him to finally stop.

When he did, it was like all the rage left his body in one go, and it seemed like it was the only thing that had kept him going. He fell down on the ground as if he lost all his strength. Breathing hard, he looked absolutely exhausted after all this fighting.

"Damn it! I almost died because of those petty creatures!" The Water Kylin had his head hanging low. His tongue rolled out and touched the ground. He huffed.

"What the hell happened? Why were there so many Invisible Panthers? And where is Ethan? Is he dead?"

have now reached the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm." Darren mumbled to himself. After assimilating a great amount of spiritual energy from nature, he finally managed to upgrade further, even if it was just by a bit. He moved his limbs a little, feeling stiff after not moving for so long.

Timothy and Abelard heard what he had said to himself. And to say that they were surprised was an understatement. They glanced at each other, almost as if to make sure they hadn't just imagined it all, and then looked back at Darren.

"What did you say, Darren?"

"Don't joke about something like that, Darren!"

They sat up straight and stared at Darren as if they were looking at a monster.

"Eh? What? What did I say?" Darren was still coming out of his trance-like state, feeling lost and confused. He looked at his friends with a bemused expression.

"You said that you have reached the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm..."

"Yeah, the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm..."

Timothy and Abelard both repeated the same thing, too dumfounded to say much more or express themselves differently. They stared at Darren, eagerly awaiting his response.

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