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   Chapter 411 The Water Kylin Was Stranded (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-20 00:12

"I don't think that's a good idea. We can easily tell that the fight there is violent. I'm afraid that if we go there, we will be in danger," Abelard said after a moment, his voice betraying the worry he felt.

Darren was still staring in the direction of the noise and flash of light. Like the other two, he had of course also heard the unmistakable sounds of a fight. If he was honest, it shocked him as well. It didn't seem like an ordinary fight, far from it, it sounded like a fight between many powerful beings. But that meant if they got there early, he could surely assimilate more talent.

"I know you two want demonic monsters' blood. If we get there after everything calms down, the useful composition of the blood will probably be gone already. So, I suggest we go there immediately. We just need to be extremely careful," Darren finally replied. Slowly, he rose to his feet, getting ready to move.

"All right. We will do as Darren says. But it would be better to first call back your legendary beast, Darren. It's safer and a great advantage for us if he accompanies us," Abelard suggested, following suit and getting to his feet as well. He brushed away some dirt from his pants, an anticipatory nervousness making his heart beat a bit faster.

"Yeah, Abelard has a point. How about we go look for your legendary beast first, Darren?" Timothy agreed with Abelard's idea while surveying his surroundings, once again alert.

"Okay, you two are right. Let's go get him first." Darren knew his friends had a valid point. Without doubt, it would be much safer if the Water Kylin went with them. They didn't really know what was awaiting them at the scene of the fight, after all. They wasted no time and flew up, searching for the Water Kylin around the forest. They couldn't spot him anywhere.

"Is it possible that the Water Kylin is in danger? He should have already been back by now," Timothy speculated with a frown on his face, his tone worried. He had felt

me!" Darren instructed his companions, needing their help to deal with this. Timothy and Abelard took out their weapons right away and started attacking the place with all their might. They were still exhausted from the previous fight, but they didn't let that stop them or slow them down.

After attacking non-stop for over an hour, sweat was dripping down their foreheads and their bodies were aching. Still, they kept going and in the end it seemed to pay off. The river under the runes finally started boiling, and they could also hear roars coming from underneath the river.


The moment the runes started to shake, a black figure roared out loud, and rushed to the runes, breaking them with a mighty force. It was the Water Kylin.

The Water Kylin had finally broken free, and blue fire was burning in his angry eyes. He was furious right now, his body pulsating with the force of his rage.

The hairs all over his body stood up due to the anger that made his blood boil. He called out a colorful lightning that was thirty feet wide, aiming it directly at the river.

It struck its goal with a powerful cackle. After the attack, countless dead bodies floated up. Before anybody could even get a good look at them, the river exploded. Suddenly, about seven or eight dark green figures rushed out.

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