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   Chapter 410 Upgrading His Talent (Part Two)

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"Okay, go check in a radius of a thousand miles. See if there are more beasts of this kind around this place," Darren nodded and instructed the Water Kylin. "If there are indeed some, just drag them here and kill them in front of me. Do you understand?" Darren looked at the Water Kylin, waiting for his response.

"Haha. Okay. Master, I didn't know that you like to watch me kill diabolic beasts this much?" The Water Kylin teased him with a laugh.

"Don't waste more time. Just go!" Darren scolded him, feeling impatient and not in the mood for jokes. If there were truly more beasts around, they had to be dealt with immediately.

"All right. All right," the Water Kylin answered lazily, not impressed by his master's lack of humor. He had the situation under control, there was no need for this kind of urgency. Nevertheless, he followed his orders and shrank himself to a much smaller size. With a grin, he got on Ethan's back. "Let's go!" he exclaimed, and Ethan did as he was told. Within seconds, they were gone.

"Hey, Darren, your legendary beast is quite smart. He knew it would be dangerous to leave Ethan here with us, so he dragged Ethan with him," Timothy remarked, eyes full of appreciation. The Water Kylin really thought of everything. Such strength and intelligence were truly impressive.

"Haha, no. He's just like a silly dog sometimes. He wouldn't have thought about it that much. Knowing him, he probably thought it would be funny to let Ethan carry him." Darren shook his head with a laugh.

Even though they believed Darren's words, it didn't really change how impressive it was. Timothy and Abelard stared at Darren with both envy and awe. He had tamed a legendary beast of the Ancient Age for God's sake! It didn't matter if he called him a silly dog, or if the Water Kylin genuinely only brought Ethan because he thought it was funny. Who wouldn't be envious of Darren?

Darren noticed their looks and just laughed again. He didn't comment further on it and instead changed the subject. The three of them just stood there for the next coup

s breaking point, Timothy and Abelard also used their strongest force to hit the demonic monster as hard as they could.

Both axe and sword kept getting propelled back and forth, leaving countless deep wounds on the demonic monster's body when they plunged their weapons into it. However, this served to make the demonic monster so furious that it wanted to spit out its demonic inner elixir. This would ensure that it could have one last fight with them. But before it could go through with its plan, Darren pierced its head from behind with just one move.

In that moment, a demonic monster in the Grand Realm was killed by the joined effort of the three friends.

Darren didn't want to waste a second and immediately started to assimilate its talent. As for its blood and demonic inner elixir, he made sure to give them to Timothy and Abelard.

Once finished, all three of them sat down on the ground to rest a bit and catch their breath. However, all of a sudden, a loud noise broke the companionable silence that had settled around them. Far away on the other side of the river, blood-colored lights shot to the sky, as roars and shouts were echoing around the whole area.

"It seems that there's a fight! Should we sneak over there to check it out?" Timothy felt pleasantly surprised, and he turned to Darren and Abelard to find out what their opinion on the matter was.

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