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   Chapter 409 Upgrading His Talent (Part One)

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"Master, back off!" the Water Kylin shouted in a tone filled with urgency. Without missing a beat, he hit the ground in front of him. The impact was so powerful that it caused the whole place to start shaking. Surprised, some of the people present almost fell over. The ground was erupting in cobweb-like cracks that drew lines away from the Water Kylin.

Darren furrowed his eyebrows, and slowly but surely inched away, with Timothy following suit.

"What did your legendary beast find, Darren?"

"I have no idea. But it must be a powerful diabolic beast that is a master at hiding itself," Darren answered while quickly releasing his Blade and Sword Domain. He had to be ready to fight at any moment.

Meanwhile, the Water Kylin seemed to be in a heated fight with someone or something. But unfortunately, Darren and Timothy couldn't see anything as the fight was happening in a sphere not visible to their eyes. They both tried to at least feel any traces of the invisible beast, but it was to no avail.

"Do you really think you can hide right in front of me?" the Water Kylin shouted, blue fire wrapped around his body. He was fighting even harder than before. Losing wasn't an option, especially seeing as his master depended on him.


With a loud bang, the Water Kylin was hit by a huge blow and went flying through the air. Darren sucked in a surprised breath, his whole body tensing up. He never thought this could happen.

"What the hell is that diabolic beast? I never expected it to be this strong!" Darren exclaimed, feeling truly shocked. His two companions were in equal states of disbelief, merely able to shake their heads slightly while still trying to follow the fight.

After all, the Water Kylin was a very powerful legendary beast. The fact that he was hit by that invisible beast meant that whoever he was fighting had to be powerful beyond imagination as well!

A few seconds passed and everybody seemed to collectively hold their breath. Then, the Water Kylin came back in their view again. Deep anger filled his eyes, his aura lookin

iabolic beast?"

"Yeah, I know it. It's the descendant of the demonic monster of the Ancient Age. It is extremely good at hiding itself and making itself invisible. It is normally as strong as a two-star grand warrior. But even a three-star grand warrior most likely wouldn't even notice its existence. In other words, once faced with it, even a three-star grand warrior has little chance to live.

This Invisible Panther was even more powerful than other Invisible Panthers. That's why it took so long for a legendary beast to beat it. It was just too skilled at hiding itself."

Everyone nodded in understanding after hearing Ethan's words. Frankly, they were slightly surprised. Nobody had expected that he would know this much about diabolic beasts. For the moment, it definitely seemed to be a good decision to let him live for a while.

"Humph! It could only use its invisible skill. That's the only reason it had a chance to fight me. Otherwise, I could have killed it with just one blow of my claw," the Water Kylin muttered in disdain. He didn't like diabolic beasts that were sneaky and cunning. There was no real strength in that.

"But if you and your companions had met it first, master, you all would have already been dead. Let me scan this area for you. If there are any other Invisible Panthers, I will kill them," the Water Kylin added in a reassuring tone.

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