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   Chapter 408 Submitting To Darren (Part Two)

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"Gerald deserved that. After all, he had previously done some awful things! And I will not take care of him. It is Stark who has a really good relationship with him. I don't. As long as you don't kill me today, I can even serve you as your body guard." Ethan bowed. He hoped to convey his submission and respect to Darren.

"Darren, his confidence has been destroyed by you. I think it is not a bad idea for you to have a helper," Timothy mused, turning to Darren as he gave his friend advice.

"Oh, no, I don't think so. He is Darren's enemy and hates him with passion. What happens if he changes his mind? How could Darren handle the situation if he suddenly attacked our friend in secret? He is such an evil guy. Yes, at the moment he is bowing his head and making promises, but I don't think he is a man who keeps his word," Abelard injected, disagreeing with Timothy. He was frowning in displeasure at the mere idea of trusting a man like that.

"What you say is reasonable. Darren, what do you think?" Timothy turned to Darren with a questioning look.

A few moments passed in silence, but in the end Darren didn't reply to Timothy. Instead, he spoke directly to Ethan. "Just as my two good friends said, what if you change your mind at a later point in time?"

"How could I dare to do that? Your legendary beast is even stronger than a three-star grand warrior. I will definitely die if I try to stealthily attack you. I really mean it when I say that I can serve you. Please give me this chance, sir." Seeing that there was a chance that Darren might say yes, Ethan bent over even more. He even respectfully called Darren "sir" in the hopes of swaying the decision in his favor.

"All right. I will forgive you and you will not die by my hand now. You can follow me and I will see how you will behave. If you serve me with sincerity, I will reward you." Darren finally agreed to what Ethan was requesting.

"Darren, please consider it one more time," Abelard said to Darren in a low voice. Ultimately, it was Darren's choice whether to trust that guy, but Abelard didn't want his friend to be harmed. Trust was good, but it had a time and place, and this was not it, as far as he was concerned.

"I know what you mean. Don't worry about me. I am keenly aware of the fact that Ethan will attack me later. He is waiting for

now that he knew what Darren was doing, the whole situation seemed amusing to him. He certainly felt no pity for the man who had brought this upon himself.

"No, no! It is my honor to be ridden by the Water Kylin. Please, come, you can sit on my body." After hearing what Timothy and Abelard had said, Ethan's heart rate spiked up again. The fear he felt made his blood run cold. Quickly, before they could say more and make Darren change his mind, he fell forward on the ground. His stomach landed on the ground and he quickly pushed up on his hands and knees, without doubt looking like a dog. Ethan waited for the Water Kylin to come over and sit down in order to ride him.

"Humph! That's more like it!" The Water Kylin's body became smaller and he finally jumped onto Ethan's back.

"Okay. We have handled Oscar now. But I think the dangerous aura we sensed earlier belonged to a powerful demonic monster. Everybody, keep being cautious! Water Kylin, can you scan the surroundings and detect whether there is a powerful demonic monster here? The beast is otherwise invisible," Darren requested with a serious look. Despite the whole ordeal with Ethan, there were still other, more important things that needed his immediate attention.

Following Darren's words, the Water Kylin started to search the area around them at once. After just a few seconds, he roared like thunder. The sound he emitted was so immensely loud that it made everything around them shake. Not only that, hundreds of tall trees were simply broken apart by his booming voice!

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