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   Chapter 407 Submitting To Darren (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-19 00:12

The powerful blade and sword intent boomed towards Oscar.

"How dare you start a fight against me?" Oscar didn't hesitate to activate his domain skill to its fullest extent and immediately boomed back to Darren.

Being engulfed by the domain of a grand warrior was by no means something to just brush off. Darren had to admit to himself that he was quite impressed, especially considering that there was no limit to how much Oscar's powers could be increased. That was, if Darren couldn't manage to crush his domain, that was no easy feat, so Darren found himself in a tough situation. He was faced with the power of a real domain after all.

"Water Kylin, come out now!"

If the situation had been different, this would have been a great opportunity for Darren to practice fighting against a rather weak grand warrior. But with how things were, it was no longer an option. There was another two-star grand warrior involved in the battle, so Darren had no other choice than to call the Water Kylin out. He couldn't afford to waste time.


There was a big explosion and bits and parts of flesh were thrown through the air. It only took a split second for Oscar's body to be completely crushed into pieces. Without a doubt, it was truly a gruesome sight for anyone who was watching it unfold. There was a moment of silence where the world seemed frozen in time. Then, all of a sudden, a figure filled with an ancient aura appeared in front of everyone.

"Alas, Master! Such an easy job isn't worth my time. You can easily deal with it yourself. Just keep fighting for a few more seconds," the Water Kylin said, somehow sounding both smug and exasperated at the same time.

"You're speaking too soon. There is another two-star grand warrior here. Kill him for me!" After Darren finished giving his orders, he turned and walked back over to Timothy. Darren crossed his arms in a cool and controlled manner while standing next to his friend.


Lost for words and unsure how to continue, the two friends just stared at Darren. Truly, they were completely stunned and didn't know what to say. There was a short, almost awkward silence.

"What's wrong?" Darren finally asked them calmly. He w

ter he stumbled upon Oscar who was also beaten by Darren. Fueled by their distaste of the man, the two had plotted to kill Darren in secret. Never in his wildest imagination could he have expected that Darren could call out a legendary beast to fight against them.

Faced with this new development, Ethan's confidence had turned to fear. He was scared to death of what Darren and the legendary beast could do to him. Now, it didn't take much imagination to guess the outcome of a fight. He would most likely be killed by the Water Kylin. He gulped at that thought.

"Please forgive me," Ethan pleaded as he was looking at Darren with fear in his eyes.

"Are you trying to say something to me?" Darren gave him a smile that was mocking and filled with disdain.

"Please forgive me and I promise that I will never bring you any trouble. Truly never again from this moment on. If you are in danger, I can even give you a hand. If you so wish." Ethan tried not to show how frightened he was. He doubted that he could keep the emotion from showing on his face, so he lowered his head. In reality, he was simply begging Darren to let him go. The survival instinct kicked in, his pride being damned.

"Do you think that is possible? Have you forgotten what has happened that fateful day? To tell you the truth, your good friend, Gerald, was tortured harshly. Are you angry about that?" Darren spoke in a monotone voice, while his face stayed completely blank and emotionless.

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