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   Chapter 406 The Revenge

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When they sensed the dangerous aura, Darren, Timothy, and Abelard released their spiritual sense to check the situation.

"Did I imagine it?" Timothy mumbled with his brows furrowed.

"No. You didn't. I also felt something powerful closing in on us," Abelard muttered as he glanced at the surrounding area.

As Darren's Spirit Power was more powerful than the others', the dangerous aura touched him more deeply. After searching for a while, he said, "A demonic monster must be around. We just cannot sense it because of its superb hiding skill."

Timothy and Abelard nodded as Darren's explanation seemed logical. Subconsciously, they tightened their grip on their weapons.

All three men kept strict vigilance for a while. However, the dangerous aura didn't reappear. The woods with towering old trees remained silent.


"Eh? Someone is hiding in the trees!"

Darren said as a slight noise caught his attention. Though the aura couldn't be perceived, the three men didn't let down their guard.

"You beast, come out!" Timothy yelled.

"Ha-ha. You bastards. Your spiritual sense is very sensitive. To tell you the truth, I didn't expect you to sense me."

After Timothy's yell, a figure descended from a tall tree and landed before the three men.

"Oscar? Why are you following us? And why did you hide your aura?" Timothy asked with a serious expression.

As Darren wasn't convinced that the aura belonged to Oscar, he stood silently and continued to probe the surrounding area for signs of the dangerous aura they had sensed earlier. His instincts told him that there was a powerful demonic monster in the region.

Although Darren was preoccupied with searching for the powerful demonic monster, he kept a watch on Oscar. After all, he knew that Oscar was only trying to make trouble for them.

"What did you think? Did you assume that I would forgive you so easily after you offended me in front of everyone? How naive you are!" Oscar sneered. His handsome features morphed into more hideous ones as he flashed Darren and his companions a sinister smile.

"Timothy, you come from the Western Desert Island. Your status is so high that even the sect will show respect to you. You are incredible. However, it is a pity that no one will search for your body in this wild land."

He then glared at Abelard. "You, the woodcutter, I know that the old fisherman protects you. The question remains whether or not the news of your death will pain him."

Finally, his eyes fell

d to be well-matched in terms of strength with the mysterious man.

However, at this point, Oscar, who was watching the fight, burst into laughter. In a flash, he flew forward and landed before Darren, Timothy, and Abelard.

"Ha-ha. What other skills do you have? I guess you have nothing more! Well. Don't blame me for being rude!"

Oscar bellowed as he continued to laugh. The two men whom he had dreaded all this while had demonstrated their unique skills. Since he could overpower them, Oscar was convinced that they were not a threat to him anymore. After all, he was a warrior in the Grand Realm.

Hearing Oscar, Timothy and Abelard became flustered. It was true that they had used their unique skills against Oscar. It was also true that they couldn't rival Oscar, who was a grand warrior.

"Step back," Darren whispered to Timothy and Abelard before flying forward and glaring at Oscar coldly.

"Darren, be careful!" Timothy shouted. He and Abelard realized that only Darren had the skills to defeat Oscar. So, with a quick warning to Darren, the other two men retreated.

"You? There is a slim possibility that the skills shown by your two bastard friends might scare me. But, I am not afraid of your dark gold internal force. You are so ridiculous!" Oscar mocked. Since there were no restraints around Darren, Oscar was confident that once he displayed the domain skill, he could effortlessly kill Darren. With that, Darren had no opportunity to activate his powerful dark gold internal force.

"Go to hell!" Darren said coldly as the blade and sword intent burst out from his body like torrents rushing toward their target with terrifying force.

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