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   Chapter 405 Enter The Heavenly Serene Graveyard

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"Who knew Violet Phoenix Sect could gather so many three-star grand warriors?" Abelard rolled his eyes.

"It doesn't matter. Let us follow them." Darren was secretly pleased. He was determined to enter the battlefield where the three-star grand warriors would fight, as he believed that he would find chances to assimilate countless talents of powerful demonic monsters!

"Yes, we better head in their direction. Since the five-star grand demonic monster is hard to defeat, I reckon Violet Phoenix Sect invited reclusive masters who are three-star grand warriors," stated Timothy.

A few moments later, the crowd, led by three one-star grand warriors from Violet Phoenix Sect, flew toward the eastern land's border.

After flying for two days, the advancing human army arrived at a desolate place and stopped.

When they landed on the ground, the white mist dispersed, revealing a huge palace.

"Guys, this place is where my sect was set up. Please wait here for the masters to open the entrance to the Heavenly Serene Graveyard," stated one of the elders.

After the crowd followed the elder into the palace, they were awed by the fact that Violet Phoenix Sect was rich enough to build such a magnificent palace.

As everyone began to settle in the palace, they felt violent vibrations and heard loud noises in the distance. The warriors in the palace were immediately on alert.

"Everyone, take it easy! It must be the masters attacking the entrance to the Heavenly Serene Graveyard. Just wait a moment," said the elder.

The crowd calmed after hearing the elder's explanation.

"As twenty three-star grand warriors are releasing their power together, it is no wonder that we hear such loud sounds."

"To my knowledge, if so many powerful masters fight together, wouldn't they destroy the area?" Darren questioned doubtfully.

"Ha-ha, it seems you know a lot, Darren. However, the eastern land's border has a far more stable space than the borders of the other three regions. I reckon that even a four-star grand warrior would be unable to destroy this place. And, I have heard that two six-star grand warriors once fought in the Heavenly Serene Graveyard, but they did not cause any damage. You must believe that Heavenly Serene Graveyard's space is very stable," Timothy said confidently.

"I understand. You are very knowledgeable, Timothy," Darren said in admiration.

"I just happened to hear about it before. As I have the same purpose as Abela

about three thousand kilometers away. It looked like a white thread from this great distance.

After the excitement settled, the human warriors scattered. They flew along the edge of the area toward the eight exits.

"Let us fly toward the right side. According to the map, that exit is closest to the river. If we go to that exit, we are more likely to sneak through," explained Timothy. Before coming here, the elders had given everyone a topographic map of the area.

Both Darren and Abelard agreed with Timothy. Soon, the three men flew toward the farthest exit on the right side.

"Damn it! The three sons of bitches are together all the time. I can't find a chance to deal with each of them separately." Oscar cursed with a frown as he watched Darren and his companions.

"Well, I have to keep up with them, and find the opportunity to deal with them!" murmured Oscar, as he flew in the direction of Darren and his friends.

About an hour later, Darren and the other two men arrived at their destination.

Darren's main purpose was to slaughter high-level demonic monsters and assimilate their talents. As soon as he landed on the ground, he released his spiritual sense to search for demonic monsters.

"Eh? Hey guys, do you find it odd that there is not even a single monster around?" Darren asked after inspecting the place for a while.

"Yes, I sensed it too. As the masters made a lot of noise trying to break through the barrier, the powerful demonic monsters are aware of our arrival. We must be cautious," said Timothy.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Darren.

At that moment, the three people sensed an aura of extreme danger.

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