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   Chapter 404 A Big Move

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"Ha-ha!" Herman laughed heartily. He then flew over and landed beside the group of people. Herman looked reproachfully at Oscar, and said, "Oscar, I understand that you are trying to uphold our sect's prestige and rules, but you must also remember that this is not how our sect treats friends from far away. Darren is a visitor, and he does not know our rules yet. This is not his fault. More importantly, all the warriors that have come to our sect are answering our leader's call for the crusade to the Heavenly Serene Graveyard. Please, do not let this unpleasantness ruin everyone's passion and harmony. You may stand down now, Oscar. I will take it from here!"

"Hum!" Oscar snorted before answering respectfully, "My apologies, Elder Herman. You are right. For the sake of our crusade, I will let it slide. However, if I ever catch him undermining the status of our sect, I will show no mercy. I mean it!"

With that said, Oscar settled his sleeves before he turned to return to the palace. Once in the sky, he didn't look back.

After leaving, Oscar could not help but feel relieved. Had Herman not come to his rescue, he would be in serious trouble.

This was the first time that he, a warrior at the Grand Realm, had been outmatched by someone inferior. Obviously, he was extremely embarrassed. Hence, his hatred for Darren and the other two warriors was beyond comparison. It was so strong that simply killing them would not be enough for Oscar.

"Those three sons of bitches! I am going to kill them one by one," Oscar murmured to himself, looking ferocious.

Back in the square, it was evident to a bunch of powerful and experienced warriors that Darren and his new friends were stronger than Oscar, and that the elder had come to smooth things over.

Now that Oscar had retreated without any gains from the confrontation with Darren, a group of outside warriors did not dare to provoke Darren any further. And so, they landed in a different area. The square was once again empty as if nothing had happened here.

"I see we have three young and promising young men among us. On behalf of our sect, I apologize for the unpleasantness that you have experienced. You are on our turf now, and it is our responsibility to show you better treatment than this." Herman said with a smile before speaking seriously, "However, I must say that you were, indeed, acting irrationally. Had my guard not stepped in, you would have caused the death of many, which would have been a tragedy. It would also have affected our cause significantly. If I may offer a suggestion, please refrain from acting out of passion again.

Given that we all faulted today, I sincerely wish that everyone present takes a deep breath to calm down and forget offenses. For the sake of Violet Phoenix Sect, please let it go. I would be deeply honored if all of

ting that blood." Abelard turned to look at Darren.

"I am afraid that you are wrong. I do not want anything!" Darren smiled mischievously.

"What? Why?" Both Timothy and Abelard asked in unison.

"We are in no rush. I will explain later." Darren turned away from them without another word.

"Damn! What is with you people and your secrets?" Abelard murmured to himself, rather displeased.

As the three men chatted, the Violet Phoenix Sect elder provided detailed information and reminders to the warriors. Seeing that everyone was prepared, the elder waved at them to begin!

"Warriors! Let's move out!"

As his voice echoed throughout the square, a group of warriors suddenly flew into the sky from the palace. Each emitted a strong aura.

"Holy shit! There are twenty three-star grand warriors!"

"That sure is something! Sending so many ace warriors is a big move from Violet Phoenix Sect. No wonder they put us in charge of only the outer perimeter."

"Tell me about it! Are the demonic monsters at the Heavenly Serene Graveyard truly so powerful that Violet Phoenix Sect has to mobilize twenty three-star grand warriors? There has not been a mobilization like this for thousands of years!"

Sensing the aura of those three-star grand warriors, the other warriors in the square burst into a heated discussion with excitement in their voices.

Three-star grand warriors were very rare as they were often not seen for hundreds of years. Now, the scene of twenty three-star grand warriors simultaneously swooping into the sky shocked everyone present.

Even Darren and his two companions stared at those three-star warriors in the sky with astonishment.

"Where did Violet Phoenix Sect find all these warriors? To my knowledge, there are only three three-star grand warriors and one red-robed warlock in their sect," Timothy murmured to himself, sounding incredulous.

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