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   Chapter 403 Cheerful Conversations And Blooming Friendships (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-18 00:13

"What do you mean? I just cussed them out, so what? Mind your own damn business!" Hunk replied angrily. Without missing a beat, he immediately rushed towards the young woodcutter.

"What? You want to try me? Hold on, I will play with you for as long as you want after dealing with the business of this young man," said Abelard, the woodcutter, mockingly. He was glaring at Hunk, his previous smile long gone from his face. Abelard's glare was so piercing that Hunk felt it deep in his bones and a sudden fear gripped him. A cold shudder ran down his back. He decided to keep quiet, even though he wasn't sure if he could've uttered a single word in the face of that glare anyway.

"Timothy, and you, a woodcutter. Are you two aiming to get in the way of my punishment for offending the dignity of my sect?" Oscar's voice was void of any emotion. He had no intention of arguing with them. Slowly but surely, Oscar transferred the most intense power of the domain in the direction of those two annoying guys.

The two men were by no means weak. Nevertheless, they stood no chance to actually fight against the domain. Therefore, when a hit of the blast came, they were almost knocked to their knees.

"Humph, Oscar, you went too far. You have my word. I am going to beat you today. Try me if you dare," threatened Timothy. He had a murderous look in his eyes, all while holding a sword condensed by purple light in his hand.

At the same time, Abelard raised the wood-cutting axe that he was holding.

The strength of the two men was lower than that of the grand warrior. It didn't matter, though, as the weapons in their hands radiated a powerful feeling of immeasurable domination. Once their weapons made an appearance, even Oscar's

ng to them talk, he was suddenly all too aware that those three young men were all capable of beheading grand warriors. This realization frightened him so much, he felt his blood run cold. What was more, Timothy was the top young genius of the overlord family in the Western Desert Island. Oscar wouldn't dare to attack Timothy on his own, as he knew better than that.

As for the young woodcutter, he was hard to deal with as well. At least according to the personal background that he had just revealed in his conversation.

So, Oscar drew a conclusion that none of the three men in front of him felt even slightly afraid of a one-star grand warrior like him. If he fought against them, he might be defeated.

In that moment, Oscar didn't know what to do. He felt shame gnaw at his insides. Launching an attack wasn't an option, he simply didn't dare to, but he was also too embarrassed to just back down.

"Elder Herman, please help me handle this." Oscar could not think of any other solution but stealthily send a message to Elder Herman who was far away. Obviously, he didn't want to be embarrassed in front of everyone. His pride wouldn't let him.

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