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   Chapter 402 Cheerful Conversations And Blooming Friendships (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-18 00:03

The other people in the crowd looked towards Darren with dread in their eyes. They were afraid of getting beheaded by Darren right then and there if they so much as dared to make a move against him. That was the reason why every single person in the crowd was reluctant to take the lead.

They knew that few of those present would have survived without the sudden appearance of the runic protection. On top of that, even those lucky enough to survive would have been badly injured.

As for Oscar, he was well aware of his level as a Grand Realm master. Not only that, he was also the first supreme disciple of the Violet Phoenix Sect. It would be so disgraceful if he didn't stop Darren and just left him go. Moreover, earlier when he had jumped into the attack range of Darren's dark gold internal force, he had been immediately struck and beaten without even getting a chance to use his domain skill. The crowd had been watching, and so Oscar had felt so embarrassed. Anger surged through his body when he recalled how he had been defeated. He needed to set the record straight in order to not feel embarrassed anymore.

"Hey, you little punk. What do you take me for? Do you have any idea what the Violet Phoenix Sect is? After pulling that ignorant stunt, do you want to run away now? Don't even think about it!" Oscar cut to the chase and immediately released a domain, which crept over Darren and covered him completely. He was hoping to intimidate and scare Darren with his domain.

However, Darren didn't even blink. He was completely calm and stared at Oscar's domain more out of curiosity than even a hint of fear. And why should he be scared? He had experienced this before. In fact, he had been covered by the domain of grand warriors a couple of times in the past. Among them, there was even the domain of two-star grand warriors. T

nds to recognize them. It was Timothy and the young woodcutter.

"Oscar, do you really want to kill him?" asked Timothy with a hint of accusation in his voice. With a cold and unflinching gaze, Timothy stared Oscar down. With an even voice, he continued, "It seems to me that what the young man said is not unreasonable. It is undeniable that everyone present insulted him and the girl first. That made him angry, so he launched the attack. It was not only his fault." Timothy made a sweeping motion with his hand, as if to dismiss any possible objections to what he had said.

"I have no idea what the relationship between the girl and the young man is. The only thing obvious were the grudges between them. They might just feel wronged and then acted rashly. However, you people insulted them. Is there anybody daring to say he should just stand all of this?" Timothy raised his hands slightly as he spoke the last part, gesticulating between Oscar and the still watchful crowd.

"Timothy, what you just said was reasonable, and I'm glad I didn't say anything I shouldn't have. Nevertheless, I did hear Hunk curse in quite the unbecoming way," said the young woodcutter cheekily, while showing off a slightly lopsided grin.

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