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   Chapter 401 Obstruction

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"Such a powerful dude!"

The young men on the fighting stage were shocked and awed by Darren's power. Their eyes light up with excitement.

"Let me handle him!"

Fury coursed through the young man with the axe. Before anyone could respond, he directed the rusty axe on his back toward his target.

"You are not strong enough. Let me help you!" Timothy said.

All of a sudden, a sword condensed by purple light in his hand also flew toward Darren.

Everyone was surprised after they saw Timothy attack. It was not because Timothy was stronger than the young man with the axe. The purple light sword had shocked them.

"Humph, this dude dare to act recklessly in Violet Phoenix Sect. I have to fight back." The one-star grand warrior, Oscar, was the last to join. He flew into the square, intending to overwhelm Darren by joining forces with the other contenders.

Enormous olive-black force and dark gold internal force were about to destroy the whole square. Different kinds of weapons rose to the sky and powerful force from people on the stage as well as in the square attacked Darren. If these powerful forces collided, the whole square would be in ruins.

Deep in Violet Phoenix Sect, a man dressed in white and an old man wearing a red robe began discussing. They had been watching the incident since Darren began his attacks.

"Master, what do you think? Shall I block them?" The old man in the red robe sent a message with his spiritual sense.

"There is no need. But, please, use your omnipotent power to protect our sect's ground and the low-level martial artists in the square. We don't want him to kill anyone."

"I see. You want to see his strength," the old man murmured.

The man in white did not speak. Instead, he just nodded. The old man was silent as his withered hand made a fast movement in the air. Many red runes appeared above the square to protect everything. However, he did not protect the people he thought would survive. The old man wanted to see them fight against that young man.

Back in the square, different types of lights rushed forward as they tried to break through Darren's attack.


The collision force was so powerful that the sky and the earth shook ceaselessly.

"Killing axe, chop!" The you

nged as he glared at Darren.

"Whether or not he deserves punishment for any of his actions is your and your sect's business. But you must give him the reward you promised. He has earned that. It is acceptable if you kill him and reclaim it later. But you must give him the reward now. Guys, don't you think so? If you don't, we will know that you were trying to deceive us." Timothy sneered. He assumed that Oscar did not have any treasure to give and that he only wanted to show off by challenging the contenders.

Oscar was embarrassed. Timothy was right—Oscar had no treasure to give. Even if he had one, he would disgrace himself if he took it out at this point. After all, giving the reward meant acknowledging that Darren had defeated him, a grand warrior!

Darren hovered in the sky and watched the debate.

"Dude, what punishment do you think I will give you? Huh?" Oscar ignored Timothy. Instead, he sneered at Darren.

"Don't change the topic!" Timothy interrupted.

"Everyone shut up!" Darren shouted. His voice was as cold as ice.

"I will spare you all this time. But if I hear anyone insult her again, I will kill you!" After threatening the squabbling warriors, Darren turned and flew out of the square.

"Fuck" How dare you? Attack him."

"Humph, you want to run away after attacking us?"

The martial arts masters, who were also levitating in the sky, roared. Despite their hatred for Darren, no one dared to stop him.

After a moment, Oscar flew forward and stopped Darren.

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