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   Chapter 399 Fury (Part One)

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As clearly explained before the competition commenced, the rule was to fight one on one, then the winner could fight another warrior in another round. Ironically, the attack towards Darren made by the woodcutter-looking man without even a warning was breaking the rule.

Though he didn't know why the woodcutter-looking man chose to break the rule and blow such a surprise attack on Darren, the young warrior couldn't help but get furious at his action. In response to that unwanted act, Darren's blade and sword intent burst out immediately.

Everyone in the arena got surprised and awestruck when they felt the sharp blade and sword intent of Darren. It was the first time that they had felt such an unusually potent force, some even thought that the intent might be from out of this world.

Both the warriors and the common people who were at the arena were aware of what cultivating the blade and the sword at the same time meant. From the limited knowledge they had, what they knew was, when choosing to cultivate both the blade and the sword at the same time was equal to looking for one's death. Nobody had dared to do such thing as far as everyone knew in fear of losing their lives. But now, right there and then, laid before the very front of their eyes, they could see as bright as the cloudless skies, that the young man was unharmed and alive. Aside from that, he was also powerful and influential. One could call this a miracle—a one in a million instances.

"Haha." The young martial artist whose name was Abelard laughed, then he withdrew his axe before turning back and hid amongst the clouds. As he was completely hidden, he let out a chuckle towards Darren, saying, "Don't be so

this time, was somewhat grating and louder.

A cold smirk appeared on Darren's face when he heard her words. "You know very well what happened that day. Whose fault was it? I won't allow you to do this before you make everything clear. Do you hear me?" the young warrior yelled.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Yes, what happened was my fault. I have bound you and forced you to sleep with me for three days. So what? I don't have to explain my actions to you! Do you think you are the only one that has been hurt by what happened? Ha! What about me? What about me, skilled warrior? Victim? The innocent one?

Do you really think that I did that because you were attractive? Let me tell you one thing. I would never let you touch any part of my body if it wasn't a life or death situation! Now, please kindly fuck off. You don't have the right to be in this competition. You don't deserve to be on this stage at all!"

Right at that moment, Hailey's body was shaking violently. When those words came out of her mouth, an intense aura filled with vexation was released from her, making everyone present feel her contempt.

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