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   Chapter 398 A Grand Warrior Got In The Fight

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After hearing that Darren had agreed to fight, the martial artists on stage released their auras. They were ready to battle, as well.

"Well, now that everyone has decided to fight, I will not stop you. But there is one rule. You can't kill each other, or Violet Phoenix Sect will severely punish you."

At the same time, a young man with a powerful aura flew out from Violet Phoenix Sect's palace.

As soon as he appeared, all eyes were on him.

The young man seemed to be in his twenties. He was dressed in violet and held a white paper fan in his hand. He looked handsome and elegant. But, people shuddered at the coldness and threat in his words.

The onlookers could perceive that the young man's aura belonged to a grand warrior, a real grand warrior.

No matter how strong and powerful they were, none of the sixteen martial artists on stage had reached the Grand Realm.

"Who is that?" Surprised by the man's strength, Darren felt the need to learn more about him. After all, how often did a person come across a twenty-year-old martial artist at the Grand Realm? He must be exceptionally talented!

"Oscar is Violet Phoenix Sect's first supreme disciple. You would think that he is in his twenties, but he is actually over sixty. He has been practicing a top-level martial arts skill that contains the Life Rule. That's why he looks so young," one man on stage explained after hearing Darren's question.

'No wonder!'

Darren finally understood. Oscar looked young because he practiced a special skill. It would be a miracle for someone in his twenties to reach the Grand Realm.

Even though he was over the age of sixty, Oscar was still very talented to be a grand warrior. Darren knew of people like Scott, who didn't reach the Grand Realm when they were less than a hundred years old.

It was extremely hard for someone who was at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm to upgrade to the Grand Realm. Yes, the other fifteen martial artists were all in the Wonder Realm, but Darren could guarantee that no more than four would reach the Grand Realm in the next fifty years.

"Please don't worry. We aren't fighting to kill each other. We are only looking for a winner here," Hunk, the Cloud Sect's first supreme disciple, answered.

"That's good to know. I am certain that you are all exceptional martial artists. So, how about a challenge? If the winner can take ten moves from me, I will give hi

rly so that he could observe the strength of the other contenders. So, he activated the power in his elixir field, filed it with all his might, and summoned the olive-black force.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The air around Darren trembled. The sound was so loud that the weaker martial artists fainted. Blood dripped from their mouths from the impact of Darren's attack.

"Reinforce the restriction!" Seeing the incident, an elder from Violet Phoenix Sect sent a message to the palace.

After a short while, strange runes started to shine in the air. The restriction around the corner where Darren was fighting was reinforced manifold. Only then did the stage become calm again.

Everyone turned to stare at Darren. In just a few moments, he had incapacitated Edgar. Darren's opponent was so severely hurt that he had no strength to fight back. Blood dripped from injuries all over his body.

"I admit defeat! I admit defeat!"

Seeing that the olive-black force was about to hit him again, Edgar shouted.

The runes shone and deflected most of the power from the olive-black force before it could hit Edgar. The only reason Edgar survived was because the runes reduced the impact of the attack!

After witnessing Darren's strength, everyone was aware of how much damage he could do. In a short time, he had defeated a cultivator who was at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm! Darren must be extremely powerful.


Right at the same time, an axe that was faster than lightning appeared above Darren's head.

"Huh?" Darren's eyebrows furrowed. He didn't need to look to know who was targeting him.

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