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   Chapter 397 I Come Here To Fight (Part Two)

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An hour later, there were only sixteen people left on the platform, and all were vying for Hailey's hand in marriage. The sixteen remaining warriors were definitely the best of the best. Everyone's cultivation level reached at least the supreme stage of Wonder Realm. By the way they stood, it is clearly visible that they were men of courage and exceptional skills, all of which were fit to be a groom for Hailey.

Moreover, in terms of appearance, they were all dashing and noble. They really deserved the spot and the title of young talents.

"Hey guys, do you really want to compete with me for the rare beauty? She is mine. How about giving me a favor? Please go down the platform and save yourselves from the humiliation," Hunk uttered boastfully.

"Hunk, don't you know how to be ashamed? It's not just the cultivators from the eastern land who came here for that fair lady. Do you think if you give your name, we will be afraid of you? Think again, man," countered another young martial artist. "You are just the supreme disciple of your sect, not the whole world. Who do you think you are?" figured another martial artist in an annoyed tone.

"My name is Timothy Shaoyan. I am not afraid of all the supreme disciple from the three big sects of the eastern land," declared a young man named Timothy Shaoyan.

As he was saying that, Timothy looked at Hunk with his eyes full of disdain. He seemed to be challenging Hunk and saying that he would not yield to him whatever might happen. By this time, a tensed air hanged by the atmosphere of the arena, the remaining warriors exchanged heated glares and arguments against each other. Timothy used a secret power to spread what he had just said all over the entire arena. So almost everyone in the square heard his declaration, and it caused a heated discussion in the crowd.

"Timothy? I've hea

ree," responded another young warrior inside the arena.

In no time, everyone agreed with Abelard's suggestion. Fighting for the beauty was why they were there, after all. Though, some people just came to fight for fame, yet now was the most crucial part. It was now or never since there were only sixteen of them left. There should only be one man standing. Each one of them must prove their worth to gain such credentials, plus the radiant maiden Hailey as his wife.

But to their surprise, as everyone had already agreed, a man wearing a bronze mask stood silently, not saying a single word.

The eyes of the other fifteen warriors naturally turned to him. They wanted to know if he was with or against the suggestion.

"Hey, man. Could you please say something?" encouraged a fellow warrior. "If you don't fight, please get out of here!" mocked another young warrior.

They had all witnessed the mighty power of the olive-black force from the bronze-masked warrior in the previous round, so they dared not provoke Darren too much.

"Nonsense! Of course, I come here to fight. How soon will we get this started?" Darren made a cold and harsh response, with a voice as confident as a mountain, tall, unmoved, and invincible.

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