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   Chapter 395 Joining The Groom-recruiting Competition (Part Two)

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"There are 1, 458 competitors for Hailey, and they are..." It took the elder about 15 minutes to finish the roll-call of names for Hailey's suitors.

The martial artists present had an excellent cultivation base. So the elder assumed that the announcement of the names of all the competitors for Hailey was clear enough, and they all heard what he said.

However, at the mention of Darren's name, Hailey, who was slumped on the stage, clearly recognized his name and glanced down the scene looking for that familiar face. But to her dismay, there were just so many people. Aside from that, Darren had already put his mask on, so she didn't find him at that instant.

The martial artists who were going to fight for Hailey were way more than the other girls' competitors, causing the people to discuss what was with her to have so many suitors. Even the pretty girls standing beside her couldn't help but turn to look at her with jealous eyes.

Though the other girls were not as beautiful as Hailey, they were pretty good-looking and could make men drool. But there was just something about Hailey that made her unique and different among others. She was more elegant than them, too, especially now that she was dressed in pale green and stood gracefully on the high stage. Besides, one could not easily find out about her cultivation base. It rested as a mystery, which attracted the young men even more.

Then, finishing off with the roll-calls, the elder on stage announced the rules of the fight, and soon the competition momentarily began. Considering the arena, plus the fact that there were just too many martial artists who wanted to compete for Hailey, the competition for her was saved as the last event.

In every fight, there woul

and bid him farewell too.

"Yes. Thank you again, Elder Herman."

After Governor Joshua left, Elder Herman asked, "Why did you shake your head just now, Darren? I can see that you are a compelling martial artist, and you have an excellent chance to win. Why don't you have that confidence? It's not something a strong and talented martial artist like you would do. Haha."

"Elder Herman, it's not that I am not confident enough. It's just that even if I win, I won't be together with her as a couple. I don't intend to marry her," Darren said simply, shrugging his shoulders. The reason why he agreed to join the competition was quite complicated to explain—he was too lazy to tell as well.

"Yeah? Then what are your plans then?"

Elder Herman got curious, and right when he was about to ask Darren for more explanations, the elder on the stage announced that it was time for the competitors for Hailey to go up on stage and fight.

After the announcement, more than one thousand superb martial artists flew on stage at the same time, showing off their skill. Gathering up his strength, Darren, like them, also flew on the high stage, ready to fight.

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