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   Chapter 394 Joining The Groom-recruiting Competition (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-16 00:03

The crowds were cheering in loud chants, and some were even waving cloths in festive sways. The air was filled with the ambiance of celebration, and on everyone's face, the joy and excitement were painted. On the high stage in the front, groups of fair and radiant maidens with hair as black as flaxen wool and skins as delicate as porcelain descended from the sky—each of them wore a graceful smile that would enchant any man that laid eyes upon them. Each one of them was like a goddess, lean, majestic, enigmatic, and alluring, drawing a hundred thousand men's attention. All the men and even women, both young and old alike, got excited and started murmuring among themselves.

The young martial artists who were exceptionally strong and powerful that were lined up in front of the high stage were especially excited for those pretty girls. Their hearts started pounding in their chests as they were thinking about the priced treasure they were about to win—in case fate was with them along the course of the battle to commence.

"It seems that I have made the right decision to come here! I heard about this groom-recruiting competition a long time ago. But I didn't think that the brides who are looking for a man to marry would be this fair looking. They are fit for a queen!" remarked one young martial artist.

"Yeah, you are right! They are not only beautiful and elegant, but they also have perfect cultivation bases. They all belong to the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm or even above, can you believe that? Who wouldn't want a wife like them, beautiful, skilled, and durable at the same time? The grooms-to-be would be very lucky!" retorted another aspiring groom-to-be.

Darren, just like other martial artists, had his eyes looking up at the girls at the high stage. But unlike other martial artists, his gaze fell only on one of the girls.

looked up one more time at the high stage, he saw Hailey's name on the first row. Her name was the first on the list. He marked her name on the wooden board, absent-mindedly.

Then the disciple collected some necessary personal information from Darren before going to other young martial artists.

After about thirty minutes, the martial artists who signed up to join the competition were all registered. The match was about to start officially. The crowd was getting excited, and so were the girls that were on the high stage. Hailey, on the other hand, was seated there with nothing on her mind but negative thoughts. Her face, though, was very radiant, showed a glum expression, and her aura seemed to be heavy and in deep solace. Darren could sense that even if he was from afar.

"All right. Let me announce the list of competitors.

There are 38 competitors for Rosa. They are Duncan, Carr...

And there are 42 competitors for Bonnie. They are..."

The elder host on the stage kept announcing the names of the competitors. Most of the girls had about 40 competitors each. Hailey's competitors were the last to announce. The instant the elder announced her name with emphasis, a commotion and blubbering arose in the crowd.

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