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   Chapter 393 The Unexpected Person

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"Ware, why are you shouting? What's the matter with you?" Joshua replied coldly.

"What's the matter with me? You know that your low status implies that you cannot sit as only the masters are afforded that privilege. But you are sitting. Is it because you want to lower the status of all the masters present? Or do you have no self-awareness at all? Let me venture to say that the brat you have brought has no talent. How dare you sit when he asked you to? You must have a death wish!" Ware mocked.

Slap! Slap!

The sound of skin colliding with skin echoed through the square. Someone had slapped Ware's face twice, with lightning speed. Ware hadn't seen who had attacked him. As his cheeks swelled from the impact, Ware rubbed his face.


Although Ware didn't see the attacker, he intuitively felt that the young man had beaten him.

"Sirs, that boy struck me in your presence. He is expressing his contempt for you. Please get justice for me." Ware knew that the man who had hit him was Darren, and he wanted to fight back. As Darren was sitting, he had to have been at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, if not higher. Thus, he did not dare to retaliate. Instead, Ware decided to invoke empathy and justice from the two masters accompanying him. For this reason, he turned to and implored his masters to avenge his humiliation in an aggrieved voice.

"You deserve to be beaten because you were mean and vindictive," replied one of the two masters. He was a middle-aged man with a calm face.

"However, he knows that you are our lackey, and still he dared to fight you. So, yes, he does need to be taught a lesson. If we do not react to his impudence, others will mock our ability and take delight in bullying us. Am I right, brother?" the younger of the two masters added.

"All right then. Force him to climb down and apologize. Since we are at Violet Phoenix Sect today, don't make a fuss," the middle-aged man suggested with a faint nod. Then, he leaned on the seat to rest.

"Thank you. I will resolve this issue, brother."

With that, the young man got up and walked toward Darren, who was seated in the row behind him.

"Why are you getting so upset, boy? If you admit to your mistake, we will spare your life," the young man said disparagingly.

"You heard him? Ware made a scene for no reason. Why do you think I am to blame?" Darren glanced at the young master. He sensed that the young man had just reached the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, while the middle-aged man was at the supreme stage. Considering the strength difference between them, Darren didn't take the young man's threat

man opened and shut his mouth. He was rendered speechless, for he knew that the old man named Herman was a grand warrior and an elder of Violet Phoenix Sect!

"Back off now. There is no need to make trouble," Herman Su ordered the middle-aged man before sitting beside Darren.

The middle-aged man retreated as ordered. However, a trace of malice flashed in his eyes.

By then, Darren could perceive that the old man had extraordinary strength. And so, he did not continue to provoke the middle-aged man.

"On behalf of Violet Phoenix Sect, I welcome you. This time, with your help, our chance of success in killing demonic monsters has increased, ha-ha."

"Thank you, sir. But many experts are present today. I'm afraid my rank isn't that impressive," Darren replied, politely.

"You don't have to be so modest. I believe you can easily rank among the top 100 with your blade and sword intent. I am surprised that you have such a high cultivation base at such a young age," Herman praised sincerely.

Darren smiled but remained silent.

"Given your age, I suppose you are not married as yet. Just wait for a matchmaking competition. I am sure that you can find a good girl. All the girls who come here for marriage are from famous families. They definitely deserve young talents like you, ha-ha."

"Thank you, sir. Your words are, indeed, kind. However, you praise me too much," Darren smiled faintly.

"Don't rush to reject my advice. You see, they're already here, boy. Their beauty will move you."

As Herman spoke, hundreds of attractive girls flew forward from the platform.

Darren still didn't think that he would find himself attracted to any of the girls. However, he was stunned when he accidentally glimpsed at a figure.

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