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   Chapter 392 Going To The Violet Phoenix Sect

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"What do you mean? Did you refer to the warrior at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm as a cannon fodder? Were you talking about me? Who do you think you are?" the middle-aged man bellowed at Darren.

Darren was dumbstruck. He had simply explained what he had observed. He hadn't intended to offend the middle-aged man.

"I didn't mean that. Please forgive me if I upset you," Darren apologized with a pleasant countenance.

"Forgive you? How? I could never bear the sight of you, bastard. Don't pretend to be so arrogant before me! Who are you?!" The middle-aged man didn't soften after Darren's apology. Instead, he seized the opportunity to exaggerate matters.

"Don't go too far. I've already asked for forgiveness. However, if you insist on holding a grudge, you'd better ensure that you can handle the consequences. Humph," Darren growled. Now that the middle-aged man had provoked him, Darren wouldn't hold back.

"Well. You are courting death. Today, I will show you the power of a warrior at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm!" the middle-aged man shouted as he shot a palm attack at Darren.

"Kneel!" Darren commanded. The blade and sword intent around his body exploded like mighty torrents to suppress the middle-aged man.

Promptly, the middle-aged man retreated. Frightened by the blade and sword intent, he almost fell to his knees as Darren had commanded.

"Kneel!" Darren roared again. As he unleashed the bloodline force, the blade and sword intent's power increased manifold.

This time, the bones and the meridians in the middle-aged man's legs broke. Thus, he couldn't withstand Darren's formidable power and knelt. Sweat trickled down his forehead.

Since Darren directed the blade and sword intent only at the middle-aged man, the other people weren't threatened by it, even though they could feel the strong power. Everyone was astonished by Darren's real force. They could sense that he had only used less than one percent of his real strength.

They didn't know that Darren could defeat a grand warrior who didn't demonstrate the domain skill. In fact, the power he had shown didn't rival one-tenth of one percent of his real power. The middle-aged man was just at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm, so he wasn't at par with a grand warrior.

"My lord, it's my fault. Don't kill me, please," the middle-aged man begged for Darren's mercy. Tears pooled in his eyes when he realized Darren's might.

"Humph! Leave. You senseless bastard. Many grand warriors have died at my hands. Who do you think you are?" Darren questioned as he removed the blade and sword intent from the middle-aged man's body.

The middle-aged man had proven that he was an insignificant ant. Abrogating the meridians in his legs was enough to placate Darren. Since he wo

ural and historical background in the eastern land is equivalent to that of the southern land," Darren sighed with amazement. Besides, among the hundred thousand people, he sensed that there were about a hundred warriors equivalent to grand warriors.

On the other hand, since the Violet Phoenix Sect could convene so many overmatches, its power and status must be quite high.

On the vast square, the overmatches beyond the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm were offered seats, while the other ordinary martial artists could only stand around them. At present, they were waiting for the important people from the Violet Phoenix Sect to appear.

Two hours passed. Joshua, who had accompanied Darren, as well as his daughter and his nephew, appeared pale. Sweat beaded on their foreheads as they continued to wait.

Although standing for two hours or even a year was easy for an overmatch in the Wonder Realm, the suppression released unconsciously by the numerous overmatches in the square repressed the Wonder Realm-level martial artists.

"Joshua and you two, come sit here," Darren instructed when he noticed their discomfort. Fortunately, there was an unoccupied seat next to his, which could be shared by two people. As the seats were wide enough, Darren could share his seat with one of them as well.

"This... My lord, thank you for your kindness. But, we dare not sit," Joshua refused politely.

"It doesn't matter. The seat is vacant. Come sit with me," Darren instructed again.

In fact, Joshua was eager to take a seat. Thinking of Darren's power, he gave up his misgivings and sat down with his daughter and his nephew. Joshua's daughter turned crimson as she shared Darren's chair.

"Joshua, how dare you? How could you sit there?" the Governor called Ware, who had mocked Joshua previously, exclaimed loud enough for everyone to hear.

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