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   Chapter 391 The Atonement (Part Two)

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"Take me to the Governor's Office now."

Just as the two of them grew extremely desperate, Darren's thunderous voice came to them, which made them overjoyed. Their despair was replaced with a glimmer of hope.

Without any hesitation, they did not waste any time and ran towards the direction of Darren as if they were a drowning man trying to grab the only floating object on the surface of the water.

"Tell me, how do I get to the Heavenly Serene Graveyard?" Darren asked, still in an indifferent tone, while kept walking forward and did not send them so much as a glance even as they hurriedly followed suite to his position. He knew that they were coming up from behind.

"Thank you for your forgiveness. Please follow me and I will lead you to the Governor's Office. Now there are too many people around. When we reach the Governor's Office, I will tell you everything that you wish to know," the young man said, his voice full of deep respect. This time, Darren did not turn him down and followed him to the Governor's Office instead.

When they reached the Governor's Office, the Governor was there waiting for them and he personally greeted them outside of the gate. At that moment, there was already another powerful warrior at his residence.

"Greetings, sir!" Even from such long distance, the Governor already began to salute Darren with deep respect.

"Governor, I need to remind you of your current position. You are a Governor and you are the leader of this entire area. So there is no need and it is also quite inappropriate for you to be so humble in front of anyone." A middle-aged man came next to the Governor, holding his head up with great pride and arrogance as if he was the king of the world. His cultivation base was indeed powerful as anyone could tell from his aura. He was the warrior that the Governor had recruited earlier.

When he accepted the Governor's proposal, the Governor was also very nice and respectful towards him. However, he not

s too scared to even look at that middle-aged warrior as he continued, "Of...Of course, I wouldn't dare wasting your time. This meeting is arranged directly by our grand warrior. Besides the top-notch warriors from his side, he ordered that each cities must send two warriors at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm to attend the meeting. This meeting is mainly about discussing and planning the take down the Heavenly Serene Graveyard. Also, discussion about a groom-selection competition will also be held at the meeting. My apologies to you, but I have not been notified of the detailed information about the competition. So this part will be up to you to find out.

There are many perils looming on the path of this journey. Two masters, although I know that both of you are very powerful, please be extremely cautious and vigilant. We are all counting on you!"

"There must be many tier-one warriors who will attend this meeting, so even a warrior at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm may only add the headcount and be treated as a cannon fodder," Darren, after a moment of contemplation, voiced his concern in a flat tone.


Upon hearing Darren's comment, the hot-tempered middle-aged warrior was once again set off, and out of rage, he blasted the desk in front of him to pieces using his palm.

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