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   Chapter 390 The Atonement (Part One)

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"Ignorant bastard! You have no idea what I am capable of. I pity you!" With such tremendous energy, Darren had reduced the notice in his hand to pieces and went on his way forward without uttering another word to the young man.

"Hey! Stop right there! What are you guys waiting for? Stop him!"

the young man screamed in so much frustration as he saw that Darren was leaving and a group of soldiers, instead of blocking his path, cleared a way for him.

"What is that about? How come these soldiers are scared of him?" The woman grew curious as she fixed her eyes on Darren's receding figure.

Just as she murmured to herself, she suddenly noticed that the young man beside her had frozen. He just stood there, motionless with nothing but his Adam's apple moving up and down.

"What a powerful sword intent!"

Everyone present, aside from the woman, felt like an extremely sharp sword was being held against every inch of their thick skins. It was so strong that they were deeply convinced that if they made a single move or even just flinch from the pressure, it would tear their flesh and they would be reduced to a pile of meat.

Darren unleashed such a formidable sword intent in a rather casual manner that it shocked everyone present to their cores. It also made that young man realize that Darren was actually a peerless warrior that he would worship all his short life.

"I...I am sorry, sir!"

Darren finally faded away from everyone's sight and along with his disappearance, the powerful sword intent also vanished into the thin air. The young man could no longer hold himself together and collapsed on the ground, kneeling in the direction where Darren had gone to. He expelled a breath he did not know he was holding.

The ordinary people, who couldn't feel the sword intent, were baffled when they saw the group of soldiers standing there motionless with faces pale as white sheet. They observed them nervously and intensely as they could not understand what had actually happened.

"The young master of the Governor's Office, who is a warrior of the Wonder Realm, kneeled because of that young man?"

"That young man must be somebody. He even made the young master scared, which is quite ra

he woman blushed all the way to her neck. She was indeed trying to provoke Darren with her beauty as she was quite confident with her appearance and charm. However, not only did Darren choose to ignore her, he also explicitly pointed out her intention, which gravely embarrassed and angered her at the same time. Despite her mixed feeling, she dared not shoot back at Darren. Thus, she could only stand there awkwardly, speechless.

"I am really sorry for what we have done, sir. Please give us a chance so that we can repent." Seeing that Darren was about to leave, the young man fetched a thorny vine from his back and whipped his body with full power. Within a matter of minutes, most of the bare skin on his upper body had turned bloody. Every onlooker cried out in shock and many of them turned their heads away to avoid seeing such a brutal scene.

However, despite causing quite a scene, Darren still continued to leave without even turning his head to look, which disappointed the two of them gravely.

If they could not find a powerful warrior for the meeting, then the Governor of this city, who was also this beautiful woman's father, would be forced to resign from his post. Furthermore, it was highly likely that he would be punished for it. Thus, both of them regretted their action when they first met Darren deeply. It was not easy to come across a powerful warrior, yet when they did, they pissed him off and pushed him away because of their stupid arrogance.

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