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   Chapter 389 Recruit Powerful Cultivators

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"Get out of here! Quick!" the man shouted as he swept his sword intent near the crowds' feet, trying to force them to leave.

He struggled as blood oozed out from the wounds on his body.

"This…" The people glanced at one another, perplexed. No one knew what was going on.

They then found out that the man was a martial artist at the Wonder Realm.

In ordinary martial artists' eyes, a martial artist who had reached the Wonder Realm was incredibly powerful. So, they were frozen in place, completely dumbfounded from being shouted at by such a powerful martial artist.

"What's wrong?" Darren asked as he stepped forward.

"Hurry! You must leave now!" the man anxiously said, prominent lines forming between his eyebrows.

Darren found it very hard to get any information from the man, so he just released his spiritual sense. He sensed several beasts in the woods running towards their direction. And sure enough, they were not weak.

"Oh, level six demonic monsters." A faint smile appeared on his lips.

"It's over. We're all done for. It's too late to leave now." The man let out a hopeless sigh as he saw that the people still had not moved while the demonic monsters were getting closer and closer. He was becoming desperate and the despair was written all over his face.

Suddenly, a loud noise was heard.

The hills shook under the stomping of the demonic monsters' feet.

A few moments later, several gigantic demonic monsters appeared in front of the people. They looked like cattle with bodies as big as the hill behind them.

All the people present screamed in terror, "Powerful demonic monsters! Run!"

It was only then did they realize what the man was trying to tell them—run for their lives. They all knew that it was too late to run away now. The man had reached the Wonder Realm, but he wasn't able to defeat the monsters all on his own. Their chances of survival were very slim.

"You go on and leave. I will stay here and fight them. Run like your life depended on it!" The man was determined to fight the demonic monsters alone by himself.

Darren then approached the man and lightly touched his shoulder. With a calm voice, he said, "Don't worry. I can take care of this. Please stand back." He then pushed the man behind and stepped in front of him.

The others watched the scene in bewilderment. Several of the low-level martial artists were even shocked. "That young man is so rash! Why is he so willing to risk his life to fight the demonic monsters?

Just look at the state of that martial artist at the Wonder Realm—he's bloodied and beaten! What could a young man like him do?

While the people continued to speculate about Darren's abilities, the martial artist at the Wonder Realm was still in shock. He felt strong and irresistible power emitting from Darren that made his low-level sword core tremble.

The loud noise was approaching them at a steady speed.

The demonic monsters' eyes shone blood red as they marched towards Darren.

Darren swung his sword in one swift motion.

A few seconds later, the gigantic demon

at chance for him to go to the Heavenly Serene Graveyard. He then tore off the notice from the wall without any hesitation.

He got a few gasps and curious looks from the crowd. "That young man tore the notice! He must be powerful!"

"He has reached the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm? Is that possible? How could that be possible?"

The people began talking. They were surprised to see such a young man be interested in the notice.

Darren did not care whatsoever about the discussion. After a few moments of waiting, a small army of soldiers arrived.

In the front row of the soldiers were a man and a woman. They wore dedicate clothes and looked to be about twenty years old. The woman was quite beautiful, immediately grabbing the people's attention.

They scanned around to see who took the notice. Their faces immediately fell once they saw that Darren was the one who was holding it. They sized him up with knitted brows.

"Do you know how to read, boy?" The young man glared at Darren, giving off an air of arrogance and standoffishness.

"What? What do you mean?" Darren asked, eyebrows furrowed into an annoyed scowl.

"Read the notice carefully. The Governor's Office is recruiting masters at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm. You tore the notice. Did you do that to show your contempt for the Governor's Office?" The young man's tone was starting to get aggressive.

"Seize him! He doesn't know how to behave properly!" the young man ordered at his soldiers before Darren even said anything.

"Forget it, cousin. This young man may have come from a different place. He probably doesn't understand the situation. We could let him go this time." The young woman had noticed that Darren's clothes were different from the ones that people wore in the eastern land, prompting her to intercede with her cousin for Darren.

"Humph! If everyone is as ignorant as him, what use are our notices for? I will punish him to warn others. A beating can't be spared. Seize him at once!" The young man was not taking no for an answer.

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