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   Chapter 388 It Was Over (Part Two)

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With one swift blow, Darren used his sword to cut off the older man's hand without a word. The older man opened his mouth and was about to give a shrieking noise because of the intolerable pain.

Yet, before he could even make a sound, with another blow, Darren stabbed the thin older man straight in the heart. He didn't want to give any message to the disgusting bastard, nor hear anything from him at all. After all, he would never spare his life no matter how he begged.

As for the purple-robed rule cultivator, Darren was planning to torture him before putting his life to an end. But now, he didn't have the patience for it. Darren killed him too with his sword, and then without looking back, he flew away with the Water Kylin.

About thirty minutes after Darren left, more than ten powerful rule cultivators flew to the place where the lifeless bodies of the purple-robed warrior and the thin older man were laid. The aura around the powerful rule cultivators was even stranger than the skinny older man's, that would mean that they were more powerful.

"They were killed! Who the hell had the guts to cross the line with us Ancient Immortal Sect?" one of them said in an angry tone as he overlooked the dead bodies.

"Show me what exactly happened!" the leader of the group ordered.

"Yes, master!" a middle-aged man answered.

Gathering together, several rule cultivators used their power and the scene where Darren and the thin older man fought reappeared in the air.

"Damn it! That guy has a legendary beast! Anyways, that would be good news for us. We must find that guy, take our revenge, and capture his legendary beast!"

On the other end, after Darren killed the purple-robed man, he felt relieved. Now that it was all over, he could fly to the transmission array in the Holy Land.

The eastern land was very far away from the southern land, and it would be too tiring for him to fly there. So Da

eady," retorted another man who was more relieved that at the very least, they were alive.

As for Darren, he didn't care if he was transported in the middle of nowhere. In the first place, he was not familiar with the eastern land at all. After all, he could just fly and find his way across the area.

"Guys, do you know where the Heavenly Serene Graveyard is?" asked Darren with furrowed brows. They all had relatives in the eastern land so that they might be familiar with this land. That was why Darren asked.

But much to his disappointment, they hadn't heard of this place.

The most powerful one among them was just in the Mysterious Realm, so it was not a surprise that they didn't know much about the eastern land. The same case was valid with the southern land. Most of the martial artists of the Mysterious Realm in the ordinary land wouldn't know much about the eight Holy Lands.

Darren was about to fly from where the array had transmitted them and began his search for the city. However, an angry shout made him stop in his tracks. "You! Get the hell out of here! Now!"

Then, a man with blood smeared all over his body came into view. His face had a hallowed expression, and he limped his way while walking. It confused Darren why he wanted them out of the land.

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