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   Chapter 386 Revenge

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"What's going on?" The lean old man pulled on a disgruntled face.

The rule cultivator in purple did not respond, eyes fixed on Darren. "It's you, bastard. This is great! It was said that many grand warriors stand behind you, and that was why you were bold enough to kill Bryan. I suspected that you'd come here to take revenge, but I didn't expect that you'd come to see me all by yourself," the rule cultivator laughed. "Well then, let me have the pleasure of killing you today!" The rule cultivator in the purple robe knew Bryan was killed by Darren. It frightened him so much that he did not even dare to step out of his door. However, now that the enemy was alone and practically at his doorstep, the cultivator was extremely delighted. He could not possibly pass up on the opportunity to kill the lad.

If he had been by himself, the rule cultivator would probably be a little worried. But with his senior apprentice, killing the bastard would definitely be a small piece of cake.

"I will avenge Elder Colin and the other elders today! So shut your mouth and get ready for your death!" Darren bellowed, voice cold and sharp.

"Nonsense! Just you? Let me tell you the truth. Colin, the old bastard, committed suicide because he couldn't stand the soul torture I implemented. Would you like me to try it on you?

With the assistance of my senior here, you won't stand a chance even if you are as strong as a grand warrior. You're the one who should get ready to die!"

the rule cultivator in purple robe savagely said. With his senior's strong back-up, he seemed to fear nothing.

It happened in a flash.

Without saying any more words, Darren darted towards the rule cultivator, the clanging of knife and sword pervading the whole space.

"Humph!" the rule cultivator in purple robe snorted in displeasure. He then immediately implemented a huge Shackle Rule on Darren while a light purple air shelter was simultaneously formed around him to help him withstand the lad's attack.

"Insignificant skill!" Darren roared out, his stare as cold as ice. He then shot out a streak of dark gold internal force towards the rule cultivator.

The air shelter was immediately broken into pieces.

"Watch out!" The lean old man joined the battle.

He muttered something in a low voice. A rune suddenly dashed towards the rule cultivator and produced a pattern on his purple robe, shielding him from the dark gold internal force.

The pattern disappeared soon afterwards.

"Marvelous! Now it's my turn, boy!" The lean old man squinted.

"Hot Flame Domain!" The lean old man uttered out. Darren was instantly surrounded by a sea of roaring flames. The scorchin

coming to save his fellow apprentice, the lean old man turned around and fled instead.

"I admit I have lost the battle, boy. There will be a time when I'll be able to kill you!" The lean old man knew that to continue fighting would be a losing battle—he would only be defeated. He found no need to save the rule cultivator at the cost of his own life. Besides, who knew what other powerful magic this young man was hiding under his sleeve? It was too dangerous to risk.

The lean man gave up on attempting to save the rule cultivator in the purple robe and got ready to make his escape.


The Earth Formation was destroyed by Darren's numerous swords. Every inch of skin and each meridian vessels of the rule cultivator were torn apart.

He fell from the air, full of pain and despair.

"Help me, brother.

You son of a bitch! How dare you! I did so much for you and now you repay me by abandoning me!"

The cultivator's eyes were fired up in pure hatred. He did not want to lose like this.

Darren knew the rule cultivator was already done for. He must then catch up with the lean old man.

All the enemies must be eradicated. Darren was not that stupid to let a strong opponent just run away. What if he called for strong reinforcements?

Darren zoomed towards the sky.

As he was flying, he made use of his Spirit Power to perform a thorough search.

"Shit, he's fast." The smell of the lean old man became weaker and weaker by the second. Darren needed the Water Kylin's help.

"Go after him!" Darren ordered the Water Kylin.

"Right away, master!" Water Kylin went with the speed of a three-star grand warrior at the top level. A rule cultivator was nothing compared to him. His shadow disappeared swiftly, like a meteor gliding past the sky.

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