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   Chapter 385 The Allurement

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After shouting at everyone present, Darren left the Medicine Pavilion in a calm and unhurried manner as if he had not been affected.

He had no idea whether the noise had caught the attention of the purple-robed rule cultivator. Even though Darren was unsure of whether the purple-robed rule cultivator was in the Medicine Pavilion, he thought it was still worth a shot.

Judging from the deal between the purple-robed rule cultivator and Bryan, the former was an extremely greedy man. If the purple-robed rule cultivator had heard about the Divine Spirit Fruit, he would stop at nothing to get it.

'What is this? I can sense two strange auras here.' Darren felt as though two people were approaching him from behind. Although he was overjoyed when he sensed the rule cultivator's aura, the other aura concerned Darren. He could not estimate the person's power from his aura.

"Hold up, young man!"

At this moment, a commanding voice ordered Darren to stop.

Darren turned to look and found that the purple-robed rule cultivator was the owner of that commanding voice.

A smile danced on Darren's lips. He had not expected to draw out the purple-robed rule cultivator with his trick. However, Darren was lucky as the purple-robed rule cultivator had shown up.

Darren tried to contain his rage and hatred toward the rule cultivator so that he could feign terror and deference in front of him. Since any ordinary martial artist would be scared when in the presence of such a powerful rule cultivator, Darren had to pretend to be afraid. Otherwise, he would be exposed.

"Greetings! How may I be of help to you?" Darren asked while saluting the two men.

"Are you the one that claims to have the Divine Spirit Fruit?" the purple-robed rule cultivator asked coldly.

Although the purple-robed rule cultivator and his fellow apprentice were powerful enough to detect the Divine Spirit Fruit's scent on Darren, he asked with the hope that Darren would surrender the Divine Spirit Fruit willingly, thus saving them the trouble.

"Well......" Darren pretended to be so nervous that he could not utter another word.

"You prick! Just answer our question! Or better, just give it to us. I already know that you have the magic fruit. Why don't you hand it over and avoid trouble? And I will give you ink stone as compensation. How does that sound?" The purple-robed rule cultivator infused strands of his ruling power into his voice. Any other ordinary person would have turned limp and caved in to such power. So, Darren pretended to be astounded. He trembled as he took several steps back.

"Yes, of course! Just take it!" Darren nodded his compliance as he fetched the emerald green fruit.

The purple-robed rule cultivator's eyes flashed with greed. He gripped the air in front of him. Instantly, the Divine Spirit Fruit began to fly toward him, like metal drawn to a magnet.

Darren did not stop him as he intended to lure the purple-robed rule cultivator away from the Medicine Pavilion. Naturally, he was prepared for the rule cultivator to take the Divine Spirit Fruit. He was sure that he would take it back soon.

"What are you doing? I am a senior a

d place that was hundreds of miles away from the Medicine Pavilion.

"Hey, how far away is it exactly? Do not try to test us!" The purple-robed rule cultivator once again grew impatient.

"It is only eight hundred miles away now. Relax, sir. I would not dare to fool you!" said Darren in a flattering tone.

"Fine! Tell me in which direction, and I will fly you there. If you dare to trick me, I assure you that you will die a horrible death!" the purple-robed rule cultivator warned Darren while preparing to carry Darren.

"I would do no such thing! It is in that direction." Darren pointed with his finger.

After two hours, Darren and the two rule cultivators had covered thousands of miles of distance.

"Hey, little prick! Where the hell is it? If we are not there in the next fifteen minutes, I will crush your head with my bare hands!" The purple-robed rule cultivator was on the verge of losing his temper. They had been flying as per Darren's instructions for hours, and that cliff was still nowhere to be seen.

"It is right over there. The cliff on that mountainside! Put us down on the mountaintop." Darren figured that it was time. So, he randomly pointed at the first mountain in his sight.

Very soon, the two rule cultivators, along with Darren, landed on the mountain top right next to a cliff.

"Where is it? Where are the two Divine Spirit Fruits you mentioned?"

"They are right there on the cliff. But, they are guarded by powerful diabolic beasts. If the two of you go down like this, you will most likely be killed," Darren said in a cold and aloof tone, which was completely different from his behavior earlier.

"What?" The two rule cultivators noticed that something was amiss about this young man.

In the next moment, Darren removed his bronze mask. His expression was ferocious as he glared at the two rule cultivators. "Even if there are no diabolic beasts, do you really think that you can make it out of here alive?"

With that said, Darren unleashed his sword intent and blade intent. The purple-robed rule cultivator's eyes widened when he recognized Darren!

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