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   Chapter 384 The Eastern Land, The Destination (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-12-13 03:48

Before he left the southern land, he still had one more thing to do. That was, he needed to find the rule cultivator in purple, for he had some avenging to do.

The rule cultivator in purple was so notoriously vicious that not only had he tortured many elders, but he had also killed Elder Colin. Thus, Darren must take his revenge on the rule cultivator for the elder that was dear to him. He couldn't let such ruthless action come to pass.

Flying extremely fast this time, as if being enraged by the thought of Elder Colin's death, Darren first checked on the situation of his clan. After he made sure that everything went well, he continuously flew to the Holy Lands.

Finally, Darren arrived at his destination and landed before a magnificent hall, the Medicine Pavilion.

For a moment, Darren speculated whether or not the rule cultivator in purple was in there. At the same time, he was thinking of ways on how he could induce him to get out and face him.

It was not a good idea to kill him here, because there were thousands of rule cultivators present. For sure, they wouldn't allow their kin to be killed alone without avenging his death. Many of them were as powerful as the rule cultivator in purple, himself. Moreover, on the top floor of the Medicine Pavilion, a fearless powerful man inhabited the place.

Reckoning and weighing things for a long time, Darren thought that treasures could attract and lure the rule cultivator in purple out. As far as he knew, rule cultivators always placed great importance on treasures. Thus he would use one to deceive the rule cultivator in purple.

"Got it! I have the emerald Divine Spirit Fruit from the law enforcer. It must be a treasure. Maybe the treasure could trick him an

nd warrior, and I killed him in a pet. I never expected that a two-star grand warrior would come after me to revenge on that grand warrior's death. I come to you now to take refuge and ask for your help,"

a lean old man said. His aura was flat, while deep rage was revealed from his eyes as if he hated everything in the world.

"Haha. Brother, don't be angry with my words but, I believe that with your power, that two-star grand warrior could do nothing against you. You can assassinate him later," the rule cultivator in purple said with respects as he made tea for the two of them to share.

"That's right. I was thinking the same way. But I thought that having you behind my back would be a much better option in case fate was not with me." The lean old man contentedly smiled while taking a sip of the warm tea.

At the moment, a roar downstairs came into their ears.

"The Divine Spirit Fruit? Did I hear that, right?" the rule cultivator in purple asked in a startled expression.

"Let's go and have a look," the old man said since he was sure about what he had heard. Thus, he beckoned the rule cultivator in purple and went downstairs.

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