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   Chapter 383 The Eastern Land, The Destination (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-12-13 00:13

"Diana, I'm a totally different person now. The powers I possess are no longer weak like before. You can tell me frankly what that is all about. You don't need to hide and bottle it all up from me. Don't you know that I am so worried about you?" Darren said with an emphatic voice, letting Diana know that he was serious this time.

"Okay then, I will tell you. But you must promise that you will not make any hasty and emotional decision after I let you know," Diana, the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land, sighed in helplessness while giving Darren a warning. After moments of contemplating, she went on, "As far as I know, it was the Red Inferno Sect in the eastern land that captured Belle. The sect's power is beyond compare with the numerous powerful warriors they have. Aside from that, the sect is one of the three dominant heretical sects in the eastern land. They are known for their mastery of the fighting craft and sharp skills.

It was a long time ago that I have discovered that the Red Inferno Sect vanished the clan of the Primitive Feminine Bloodline." A downcast and solemn expression was displayed on Diana's face as she relayed the sad story to Darren. She let out a sigh of disdain, and her heart seemed to ache in sympathy to the Primitive Feminine Bloodline Clan. After pausing for a while, she continued, "Since the clan of the Primitive Feminine Bloodline was doomed, their family members were hunted down from generation to generation. Women, children, elders, young men, and women alike fled in every direction to save their own lives. Not a single soul escaped from the ruthless hunt, and even the member of the young generation with relatively pure Primitive Feminine Bloodline had been captured in every possible way—tortured and beaten to death." Diana's voice was a bit shaky now. Yet, she was compelled to tell the whole story to Darren.

"However, as the slaying and butc

en. Always remember to be careful," Diana exhorted again.

Without much ado, Darren flew from the Ancient Void Battlefield and set out for the eastern land. His mind was filled with thoughts on how he could defeat the sect and all the other enemies that stood along his way to save Belle. If he would just permit himself to do whatever he fancied, he should be there right now, slashing and beating whomever that would contest against him.

However, the suggestions of Diana, the Holy Lord of the Lotus Holy Land, had changed his mind. If he directly went to the Red Inferno Sect now, he would just seek his doom. With that idea in mind, Darren opted to calm himself down for a moment and heed to his first destination. That was the Heavenly Serene Graveyard, for he planned to improve his talents as much as he could. He believed that by going to the Heavenly Serene Graveyard, his power could be primarily enhanced.

"By the level of my cultivation right now, I can say that I'm too weak. I should become at least a three-star grand warrior in the Bottom Spiritual World to free myself from other warriors' restrictions. That is my goal for now!" fluttering in midair, Darren muttered to himself, having made up his mind to improve his power this time radically.

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