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   Chapter 382 The Mist

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Darren did not know how long he listened to Denise talk; all he knew was that he could not understand her words. She talked a mile a minute as if trying to speak out all the words inside her mind all at once. Once she finished talking, she lay down on the grass and fell asleep peacefully.

"Hmm," Darren hummed as he gazed at Denise's beautiful figure and smiled to himself.

He was finally starting to understand why Denise felt so lonely. She was an emotional soul who spent endless days in a void. It was no wonder why she came to be this way.

Darren then decided that if he would have the chance to let Denise have her real life back, he definitely would. He would take her to the outside world where she could see everything.

With a soft whoosh, Darren flew away so as not to bother Denise's restful slumber.

In the thirteenth space of the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren sat on his feet in the air alone in quiet. He started to check the two dead bodies inside the Space Ring.

The two dead bodies were exactly what he took out from the Devil Den.

One of the dead bodies was full of blade intent and sword intent, the aura of which was incredibly dreadful that it even made the blade core and the sword core quiver inside Darren's body.

"This dead body must be Hanson's!" Darren knitted his eyebrows together as he sensed the blade intent and the sword intent.

Now that he had somewhat confirmed that the dead body was Hanson's, he was starting to think that maybe what Jesse Li said was true. Was it Mathew Xiao who had killed Hanson Xiao?

"Is Mathew Xiao really the Grand Sword Killer, an evil man who killed his only brother?" Darren still did not dare to believe it. In his eyes, Matthew Xiao was a kind man who did not have even the faintest killing aura.

"But on the other side, who really knows what is really behind people's faces? The double-headed man could cheat the powerful cultivators successfully and control the Lightning Holy Land for hundreds of years." Darren immediately opposed his initial thought.

He then stopped thinking about it. He decided that he would just wait patiently and improve his strength in the meantime. Once he grew stronger to be able to protect himself, then he would go to see Mathew and try to figure out the whole thing.

Darren then started on the other dead body. It was all dried up, but Darren could still sense that the man must have been extremely powerful before he died.

What surprised Darren was that the second dead body also gave off a powerful aura of the sword intent. It was even much stronger than that from the dead body of Hanson.

Darren laid out the two dead bodies horizontally in the sky. In that way, he could carefully ob

bamboo forest, Diana was drinking tea by herself in a small cabin built entirely of bamboo.

"Aunt Diana," Darren called as he landed beside her.

Diana greeted him back by nodding her head slightly. With a warm smile, she said to Darren, "It's good to see you, Darren. Please have a seat."

"Aunt Diana, I came here to ask you a question. Do you know a place where I could find powerful demonic monsters? It will be best if they are demonic monsters that are at the primary stage of the Grand Realm." Darren put forward his straight to the point.

"Why do you ask such a question?"

Darren sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "Heh heh... It's a long story, but it's extremely necessary for me to find some powerful demonic monsters."

"Boy, you seem to have a secret!" The Holy Lord laughed and said, "Besides the demonic monsters in the demonic monster domain, powerful demonic monsters can only be found in the Heavenly Serene Graveyard. It is said that the demonic monsters there are incredibly powerful. If super cultivators hadn't suppressed them thousands of years ago, the whole eastern land as we know it would not have existed. You have to be very careful when you go there."

"I see. You really are knowledgeable! Thank you so much, Aunt Diana!" Darren was overjoyed by the information. He was just about to leave when the Holy Lord suddenly called out, "Wait!" Diana looked at him with a gloomy face. "There's actually one thing I didn't tell you previously. I was reluctant to tell you a while ago, but I think I should let you know about it because I know you deeply care about your sister."

Darren's whole body tensed up and his face went rigid at once. He had already guessed that what Diana was trying to tell him had something to do with the fact that his sister had been captured.

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