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   Chapter 381 Meet Denise Again

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After the law enforcer left, Darren could no longer hold on to his curiosity so he started to sift through the colorful bead. His eyes were big in awe, not missing a single detail of the shimmering treasure that was in his hands.

"Hah! That bead is really a precious gem. I can sense that there's a tremendous force of lightning in it which was even more potent than the power Landon owned,"

with a high pitched voice, Darren exclaimed in surprise after checking the bead with his spiritual sense.

"Eh... Master, I can see that the bead is very similar to my Natal Divine Bead. The breath contained in it smells ancient just like mine," the Water Kylin uttered, astonished when he suddenly sensed the power of the bead. Darren's words interrupted him as he was focusing on healing himself. Besides, the bead was such a rare treasure that was hard to ignore—even by the Water Kylin himself.

"Your Natal Divine Bead?" asked Darren. He was baffled at the Water Kylin's mention of a Natal Divine Bead.

"Yes. I guess that is a Natal Divine Bead of another powerful legendary beast. As for the fantastic amount of lightning force contained in it, it might belong to the Thunder Beast, which was another legendary ancient beast.

Millions of years have passed, but the force of lightning in it was still so strong. It is not hard for me to imagine how powerful the bead's owner was when it was alive," the Water Kylin narrated.

Looking intensely at the Water Kylin, Darren had never seen him show such a solemn face. He was bothered though if the grim face was because of the injuries he had suffered from the battle or because he sympathized with the Thunder Beast's fate.

"How did you know all that?" Darren asked out of confusion. He was determined to know the story behind the mysterious bead.

"I have known those things because the internal memories passed down from the ancient legendary beasts of my race are so deeply rooted in my concepts. The Thunder Beast with pure bloodline is, no doubt, a kind of legendary beast. They could even match up with my ancestors." As the Water Kylin was explaining the notion to Darren, he couldn't help but gasp in admiration.

With the cloud that hovered on his mind, a bit cleared by now, Darren nodded as a consent. In that case, it wasn't a surprise that Landon, such a mutant in the border would acquire the powerful lightning skill. It turned out that the bead made the most significant contribution.

"What am I supposed to do with the bead?" Though Darren got the great treasure, he had no idea of how to use it, so he could only ask the Water Kylin. Besides, the beast was the only one who had an idea of what the bead was in the first place.

"Well...As for that!" Clearing off his throat, the Water Kylin flicked his head up high, and deliberately coughed in a condescending way.

Clever, as Darren was, just then, he immediately noticed that there was a cunning look in the Water Kylin's eyes.

"The bead needs to be nourished first before it could do you anything useful, and the process of sustaining it would be filled with suffering

n the end, a blue sea appeared in front of me.

There was nothing but waves in the sea. So I kept swimming until I got lost. There was no way at all.

I was so scared at that time. I wanted to go swimming forward, but I couldn't find my way. I wanted to go back, but I forgot the way where I came. I was completely lost. Adorable fish, please tell me, what was I looking for?"

Denise was talking to a fish in the river, and Darren listened carefully. He felt a surging sense of bitterness in his heart. Denise was really a poor, naive girl.

'What was she looking for?'

Darren thought for a moment. Denise's words made him curious and confused at the same time.

"Don't go yet! I am not finished," Denise said to the fish.

Seeing the fish swim away, she stamped her feet heavily on the shore. She was so lovely, and her radiance was the most beautiful scenery in the world.

"You are looking for freedom, right?"

Darren suddenly appeared beside Denise and asked her in a curious tone. Darren's question startled her a lot, the same way as it surprised her in her dreams.

"Ah! It's you!" Turning back to see who was the owner of the voice, Denise was excited to see Darren. She didn't answer his question. Instead, tears were glistening in her eyes.

"You know what? Last night I dreamed... Never mind. I am not going to say it, or you are going to leave too like that fish.

Am I a sad sack? Boring to talk to? No one wants to hear my stories, like butterflies, bees, birds, and fishes. They are all gone. They all hate me," Denise said in a quivering voice.

Sensing her grief, Darren decided not to comment. He just stood there quietly with a smile on his face, listening to her rants.

Denise kept talking and seemed to have forgotten Darren's existence. She was crying and laughing at the same time while narrating her experience. Though, Darren thought that she was out of her mind, he kept on listening to her, making silly reactions from time to time to keep her talking. At that point, time seemed to freeze for both Darren and Denise.

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