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   Chapter 380 The Apology From The Law Enforcer (Part Two)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5716

Updated: 2019-12-12 00:14

"You were excellent as well, young man. Few people at your age can fight me and survive. You've earned my admiration." Finley's words delighted the law enforcer as he knew that this young lad held no grudges even after what transpired between them.

But, he was serious when he admitted his admiration for Finley. Finley was young, no more than twenty years old. But, he was very powerful and knowledgeable about the basic skills of spatial rule. He was, indeed, a genius rarely seen under the heaven.

Upon hearing the law enforcer's praise, Finley flashed him a sincere smile. Then after sharing a pretext, Finley left. Though he seemed composed, Finley had been severely wounded during the fight with the law enforcer. He needed to heal and recover from his injuries.

"Sir, please interrogate the mutant with me," suggested Darren. He wanted to assure the law enforcer that he wasn't upset either.

"My pleasure." The law enforcer approached Landon, who was still kneeling. He then launched a powerful pressing force until all of Landon's bones shattered. "Tell us about your purpose! Why have you lurked in the human race for so long?"

"You want the answer? I will never tell you!" Landon spat a mouthful of blood at the law enforcer's face. His face twisted to the extreme as he burst into a desperate fit of laughter. Then, Landon refused to say anything more.

"It seems you don't know what I'm capable of!" Instead of flying into a rage after being humiliated, the law enforcer composedly crossed his arms behind his back and spoke. A mighty force of spiritual sense surged from his mind and poured into the deepest part of Landon's brain.

The spiritual sense attack was similar to the att

ary in the future. I think it would be easy for you to reach the level of a seven-star grand warrior. And, there is also the possibility of you reaching the level of the Holy Realm. Darren, try your best!" said the law enforcer with a big smile on his face.

Darren flashed the law enforcer a brilliant smile as well but said nothing.

"I don't have anything useful for you on me. But... please wait a minute!"

After this, the law enforcer searched Landon's body carefully for something. He then inserted his hand into Landon's heart and fetched a colorful bead from it.

"This is the most valuable treasure in Landon's clan! But why is it here with Landon? We must thoroughly investigate his clan. This bead is precious. Keep it to yourself, Darren." The law enforcer tossed the bead at Darren without asking whether he would accept it or not.

Darren felt the extraordinary features of the bead, and so, he took it without hesitation. Then Darren initiated the force of control and sent the law enforcer and the badly wounded mutant out of the Ancient Void Battlefield. A moment later, peace reigned in the ancient land again.

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