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   Chapter 379 The Apology From The Law Enforcer (Part One)

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 5970

Updated: 2019-12-12 00:13

Landon struggled and moaned with agony. The scar on his neck widened with each of his shrieks. Suddenly, an ugly head wrapped in disgusting slime popped out from inside his scar.

The second head was pure scarlet red and resembled the peeled skull of an animal. It was more grim and hideous than the one on Landon's neck.

At this terrifying sight, Darren understood that Landon was going to use some arcane skills again. But, he would never give him that opportunity. Without delay, Darren launched an attack with the dark gold internal force at the scarlet red head.

To Darren's surprise, the bloody head opened its mouth and sprayed lightning. A deafening sound reverberated in the space as Darren's dark gold internal force collided with the lightning.

"Go to hell, you asshole!" shouted Landon furiously.

As the two forces battled, Landon darted at Darren like a bomb.

Since Landon was at the same level as a three-star grand warrior at his prime, his physical strength was dreadful, as well. Now, Landon was fighting for survival, so the power he exercised was much beyond Darren's ability to defend against.

Fully aware of the current situation, Darren was confident that just one strike from Landon would reduce him to ashes.

In the face of such emergent danger, Darren had no other option but to release his domain and put on his incomplete black armor. After a quick breath, Darren released every skill he had learned with violent force in succession.

The air stirred, and a piercing noise echoed in the space. Taking advantage of his strong body, Landon dashed toward Darren like a desperate bull, regardless of the attacks of the dark gold internal force and the pain they caused. Although the force of the attacks had separated the flesh from his body,

s, the law enforcer felt sorry for Finley as well. Finley was more handsome than Darren. But he had received such a substantial beating that no one could recognize him now. How could the law enforcer face the consequences of misjudging the two young men?

All law enforcers were required to report their missions to the Sacred Palace as soon as they were finished. But, this law enforcer had made a terrible mistake by trusting Landon. As a result, he had punished two innocent young men. Severe retribution would await him if his errors were reported to the Sacred Palace.

Finley cast a quick look at the law enforcer and saw the embarrassment on his face. Then he said with a chuckle, "Our fight was fabulous. You're a great warrior!"

Having mastered the spatial rule, Finley was confident that although it was impossible for him to win against a five-star grand warrior, he would never suffer a severe defeat either. After battling the law enforcer, however, Finley realized how capable this law enforcer was. Since the law enforcer could easily break Finley's skills with the spatial rule, he must be at a higher position in terms of strength among all five-star grand warriors.

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