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   Chapter 378 The Shocking Battles

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Fierce battles arose. Tremendous exchange of auras, spirits, and intents occurred, especially with Finley. As countless lights broke out in all directions, the thirteenth space shook tempestuously because of the repercussions.

At this time, Darren and the Water Kylin pushed Landon back. Luckily, they had compelled him farther away from Finley. Otherwise, their battle against Landon would be affected, and Darren wouldn't want that to happen.

"Finley is a beast. He really fights with the five-star grand warrior! That Holy Lord would be a piece of cake for him," the Water Kylin exclaimed when he noticed the progress of the battle.

Stimulated by Finley's exceptional courage, the Water Kylin turned furious. As a result, his fighting capacity went up along with his determination to help Darren out in defeating the Holy Lord. Thus, gathering his strength, he launched intensive attacks to Landon, even prevailing over him.

At the same time, Darren fought like a guerrilla, assaulting Landon with powerful skills one at a time. Under the converging attack of Darren and the Water Kylin, Landon had been all scratched up. He was so exhausted at receiving each blow, sweats soaked his garments, and he was panting hard to breathe.

"Damn you bastards! Go to hell!" Not giving up, Landon bellowed as his belly lit up. Then a cloud of hyacinthine lightning gathered around him. The force accumulated around him stirred and collected around his body.

"Eh?" A furrow appeared at Darren's brow as he wondered, sensing that something horrible was about to happen. It seemed that the lightning in Landon's belly was a lot stronger than the lightning shot from his eyes.

"Man, watch your back. He is going to put up a desperate fight!" Darren whispered to the Water Kylin using his spiritual sense.

"Master, stay away. Let me confront him with my absolute power!" the Water Kylin shouted valorously back to Darren. Instead of showing fear, the Water Kylin shrank and spat out a crystal bead.

Seeing the bead, Darren was surprised for he had never seen the Water Kylin displayed such a skill, even when he was at death's door.

The crystal bead ceaselessly rotated before the Water Kylin, and the blue flames on his body suddenly blazed, painting the sky in blue. Maybe that was one of his hidden skills—one that would be his last retort in desperate times.

"I see. This is your most powerful skill!" Darren sighed in sudden comprehension of the Water Kylin's display of power. Since the aura continuously rose, he receded to somewhere far away. The collision that would reach such a high level was far beyond Darren's power. Even if he was in the Ancient Void Battlefield, he couldn't afford to handle it. Darren knew that if he insisted on staying on the battlefield the moment the Water Kylin released his power, he would be obliterated in no time.

Therefore, Darren flew as far as he could away from the battle and started to watch the combat between Finley and the law enforcer.

Judging from the look on the faces of both warriors and the exchange of powers that commenced between them, Darren could say that the battle was so heart-stirring. The law enforcer, holding a fiery-red spear, da

ame time was hurt.

"Come back!" The law enforcer ordered as his palms were put together and waved towards the black vortex. Then some fiery-red particles rushed out from the other end of the black vortex and reunited on his hand.

On the other side, the Water Kylin and Landon fought bitterly and desperately. None of them showed signs of yielding nor retreating. Both were eager to fight till their last breath.

The blue flames on the Water Kylin had been dimmed, and Landon had been burned black with only a little lightning glittering. Landon was so severely injured that he almost passed out.


By this point, both of them had run out of their powers. With that, they were engaged in hand-to-hand combat with one another using their fists and palms.

Seeing this, Darren saw his chance. With a beaming grin, he flew over to them.

As he approached near them, he bellowed, "You double-headed beast. I admit that your skill to hide is excellent. If I hadn't owned the Ancient Void Battlefield, you might have killed me.

But now you should pay the price."

He noticed that Landon was forceless now, by the way his shoulders slumped and his face downcast. Thus, he decided to confront him directly.

"You human bastard, kill me if you can!" Challenged, Landon, though he was as weak as a prey. He was looking intensely at Darren's eye while those words came out of his mouth.

"Good. You should receive the deserved punishment!"

Darren shouted in response. Even as the sound of his voice faded away, the blade and sword intent around him was released as a ray of light darting towards Landon.

In the void, the light of blade and sword intent gushed out ceaselessly. At the same time, the dark gold force was shot violently to Landon, who could not escape nor withstand it.

"Ah!" Hit by the intents, Landon suddenly roared in pain. He was on the verge of death, and his soul seemed to escape out of his eyes.

At the moment, he finally revealed his cruel face. To Darren's surprise, the hideous scar between his neck and shoulder began to stir. It was as if a creature was about to break out from the spot.

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