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   Chapter 377 Dragged The Law Enforcer Into The Ancient Void Battlefield

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The law enforcer's killing intent was so strong that, of course, Darren could not bear it. Instantly, pain exploded in his chest. Darren fell to his knees as he could not support his body under pressure released by the law enforcer.

"Finley, can you handle the situation if I bring a five-star grand warrior or above into the Ancient Void Battlefield?" Darren tried to contact Finley. At that moment, he had no choice but to pin his hopes on the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"Darren, what happened? Is the situation so bad that even the Water Kylin cannot help? If he is stronger than a five-star grand warrior, I cannot defeat him. I can use the power of the Shadow Emperor twice. If you are sure that you have no other choice, then just get him in and I'll let the Shadow Emperor kill him," Finley replied to Darren.

Since Finley had only two opportunities to summon the Shadow Emperor's force, he planned to use it to deal with the boy in the Ancient Void Battlefield. Although the boy appeared quiet now, he could lose control and become violent. As the Shadow Emperor's force was precious to Finley, he didn't want to consume it unless he had to.

"I see. I will try my best not to waste the two chances," Darren answered.

"Sir, please recheck him. He is not human. He must have some reason for hiding among human beings!" Darren said to the law enforcer. As Darren had the law enforcer's attention, the Water Kylin was not in danger. So, he relaxed a little.

The law enforcer was much stronger than Darren, and his purpose was to maintain order in the ordinary land. That Landon had deceived him was unexpected. Darren couldn't hold the law enforcer responsible.

Seeing that Darren was sincere, the law enforcer put away his killing intent.

Then his gaze turned to Landon. A red light shone in the law enforcer's eyes as he probed the Holy Lord. The painful expression on the law enforcer's face allowed Darren to guess why he did not use this skill previously.

The law enforcer stared at Landon for a few moments, but the latter appeared calm. Apparently, Landon was confident that the law enforcer would not see through him. At the same time, he also glimpsed at Darren with killing intent.

'This is not good! Landon's reaction shows that he believes he can survive the law enforcer's detecting skill, ' Darren rationalized while preparing himself to use the force of control.

After a short while, the law enforcer's forehead was covered in sweat. Using this arcane skill to detect others really consumed a great deal of spiritual intent.

"What explanation do y

relax. Give me a hand only when necessary. We are sure to kill this double-head creature!"

While inside the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren could not use the force of control to kill creatures that came from the outside world. However, he could come and go freely and quickly. For this reason, Landon would find it difficult to attack him. As long as they did not battle with Landon face-to-face, Darren and the Water Kylin could defeat Landon.

"You lower-level warriors are too bold and impudent! I will kill all of you here!"

The law enforcer erupted with fury after hearing their conversation. The fiery-red spear became blood-colored as he thrust it at Finley.

Meanwhile, Darren and the Water Kylin began fighting Landon in another place.

"Double-headed bastard, I will take your life today!" The Water Kylin roared as he used the full force of his body, which was as large as a mountain, to rush at Landon.

'Damn! This beast has recovered again!' Astonishment reflected on Landon's face as he summoned and released powerful thunder and lightning force to fight back.

Darren did not just stand beside them. He used the inheritance skill of the Dragon Blood Clan to attack Landon. With nine avatars merging into one, Darren's strength reached its zenith. In the next instant, the olive-black force and the dark gold internal force gushed in Landon's direction like floodwaters.

'What? His force is really strong! The young human bastard is mightier than I expected! I have to kill him even if it means I risk being defeated and killed here today!' Landon was shocked when he sensed the tremendous power that approached him from behind. His killing desire multiplied manifold as he vowed to kill Darren.

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