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   Chapter 376 Law Enforcer Is Coming

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Instead of avoiding the incomparable green-blue bolt, the Water Kylin transformed into a streak of blue light and charged toward it.

The violent collision formed a giant dark hole that forcefully sucked the broken land into the void and reduced it to nothing.

"The space has collapsed!"

Darren was astonished. Even though he was a great distance away, he could feel an enormous strength pulling him to the dark hole.

The unprecedented battle started by two three-star grand warriors had disintegrated the space in the border area. If the battle were to happen on the center of the ordinary land, the impact would be horrifying! The hundred nations in the southern land would have been reduced to a gigantic lava pit.

The force was frightful!

"There is no use trying to defend against my divine thunder. You are injured. You are destined to lose the battle!"

Blood boiled in Landon's chest as he spoke. He was also injured. It was beyond Landon's expectation that the legendary beast's fighting capacity would rival his own after summoning the fundamental force.

"Nonsense! Face your destiny, double-headed beast!"

Numerous wounds on the Water Kylin's body showed that he had been severely injured. However, he had not ceased his violent attacks. His hill-like paws kept flailing in the air.

Another two hours passed. Now, Landon's body had been severely wounded, and his breath had become feeble. Unfortunately, the Water Kylin's condition was much worse, as bones could be seen in some wounds.

It was clear that the Water Kylin was no match for Landon.

"The battle needs to end now." Darren closed in on them. He intended to open the Ancient Void Battlefield.


Suddenly, a fiery-red spear descended from the sky. The enormous strength carried by the spear collapsed Darren's spiritual sense.

Bang! Bang!

The fiery-red spear pierced Landon and the Water Kylin's body, reducing their inner power by seventy percent!

Darren was astounded. He could not believe what he saw.


astonished. What was worse, the icy and formidable tone in the enforcer's voice forced Darren to submit.

Darren was stupefied when he saw the law enforcer stepping forward in the void. He was headed for the Water Kylin.

"You do not belong in the outside world. If I remember correctly, your place is in the Raksa Sea. You dare to do evil here? I must put you to death right now!"

The law enforcer then grabbed the fiery-red spear, intending to slay the Water Kylin.

Darren panicked. If the law enforcer decided to kill him, the Water Kylin wouldn't stand a chance even with Finley's help.

"How can a law enforcer be so unreasonable?"

To divert the law enforcer's attention, Darren decided to reproach him.

"Watch your tongue! Do not seek death!" The honored law enforcer was humiliated by the young man's accusations. How could he not be exasperated?

"Am I wrong? The man before you is absolutely a double-headed man. Why do you punish the legendary beast instead? Are you a qualified law enforcer? If every law enforcer were like you, the superior talents among human beings would be exterminated!" Darren held up his head bravely as he prepared to confront the law enforcer's anger.

The law enforcer took a deep breath and glared at the offending boy. His eyes, filled with murderous intent, seemed to pierce Darren's body!

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