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   Chapter 375 Water Kylin Fighting Against Landon

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"Damn it!" With a roar of rage, Landon, the Holy Lord, was so frustrated with the fact that he found it hard to chase after his enemies. As a fearless warrior, it was a slap in the face not being able to be on par with your opponent in both speed and strength.

Though when it came to fighting capacity, the Water Kylin was among the three-star grand warriors of the top level. The war between them was almost a close match. To say the least, the Water Kylin could absolutely escape with Darren if he were defeated.

The Water Kylin's silhouette couldn't be followed by the naked eye. As if torn apart by the void, the beast moved miles swiftly after miles.

Only within seconds, both the Water Kylin and Darren had got out of the southern land almost miles away in the distance from the Holy Lord Landon.

"Master, this is a wasteland. Shall we stop and have a rest first?" the Water Kylin asked without stopping.

"Absolutely no. We must leave the ordinary land. Keep flying!" As far as Darren knew, if he would allow the battle to happen here, Landon would undoubtedly destroy the whole ordinary world with his power. Darren mustn't let that happen, thus to save the land from total destruction, they had to escape as far as possible.

At this time, Landon was less than two miles from his enemies. He was enveloped with green lightning, like numerous curling snakes creeping all over his body.

"Damn! What speed!" Frustrated this time, Landon couldn't catch up with Darren and the Water Kylin. The thought made him exasperated.

The distance between them kept unchanged for a long time. Occasionally, Landon would speed up with the assistance of the green lightning and made attacks, but he could not penetrate the Water Kylin's defense.

Four hours had passed, and a mist covered the whole world. Darren had no idea where they had reached after flying non-stop. What he was sure though, was there weren't any human beings where they were now. Darren assumed that the place would be a best battlefield for them.

"Okay, I guess we can stop here," Darren told the Water Kylin, motioning him to stop and make land.

"The border of the southern land! Good idea, Darren. I had never been here before. It is no bad to kill you here. By the time the law enforcement team arrives, I have fled already! You and the legendary beast would be lifeless by then." Seeing that the Water Kylin and Darren stopped ahead, Landon was in rapture.

However, he didn't rush towards them right at that instant. Landon had never been to the border before. He was vigilant as there could be unpredictable dangers lurking somewhere.

The border meant the limit of the city in the four directions. 'What was on Darren's mind? Why had he chosen to land on that part of the land?' the Holy Lord thought silently. As far as his knowledge about the land permitted him, Landon knew that this area had existed for thousands of years. There

s!" Surprised by the sudden attack, Landon was enraged by Water Kylin's harassment. He launched his green lightning intent and started to deal with the Water Kylin.

The border area was much more stable than the ordinary land, but it still couldn't endure the ferocious exchange of attacks made by Landon and the Water Kylin. Mountains, hills, and rivers, alike were shaking violently and collapsed in the end. The entire place was about to be ruined.

From afar, Darren witnessed the combat. The Water Kylin's vast body ramped when hit by the green lightning. He was using his body as a weapon to attack Landon.

Although the two warriors were fighting in the sky, the land still kept collapsing with lava rushing out of the mantle. Everything was buried in dense smoke and flames. Darren couldn't help worrying.

"Things will get worse if the battle lasts long. I must kill Landon as soon as possible!"

With that idea in mind, Darren frowned and fled slowly towards the battlefield. It was so hard to move forward amidst the heated combat.

"Howl!" Blue flames surrounded the Water Kylin. He owned the real invincible power of the legendary beast, and he was maximizing his skills to fight against Holy Lord Landon.

"Do not play tricks on me. We must have a real fight!" Challenging the Holy Lord, the Water Kylin's shot was powerful enough to shake the earth. He would make full use of his capacity, especially now that he was determined to end Landon's life.

"You are doomed, beast!" Enraged by the Water Kylin's challenge, Landon made a roar, too. Two streaks of greenish-blue lightning gushed from his eyes and pierced towards the Water Kylin.

The lightning was so violent that the sky was torn apart. Dozens of dark clouds and smoke were produced which seemed to engulf everything.

"How powerful that lightning force was!" Standing afar, Darren couldn't help shuddering as he felt the intense aura that exuded out of Landon.

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