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   Chapter 374 Landon's Strength

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Though the day started peacefully and everything appeared normal, a tense atmosphere filled the air. The news of Darren making a scene three days ago had spread throughout the imperial city of Doriath. People were talking about the incident, and today in the town, many low-level warriors crowded into the streets to wait. They were anticipating to witness a bloody massacre.

"Look, there is Darren!"

Everyone looked up and saw a figure land from the clouds onto the top of the royal palace as a middle-aged warrior pointed at Darren's descending figure from the sky.

"Damned emperor, get out of your foxhole!"

Darren yelled, facing the palace where the emperor was lurking.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In a flash, more than thousands of people flew onto the roofs of the palaces. Darren wondered if they flew in to stand guard or to have a more unobstructed view of what was about to happen.

A middle-aged man in yellow robe stood proudly and bravely in front of the crowd and faced Darren. Not a trace of fear was betrayed on his face, nor on the aura that exuded out of him.

"Who the hell are you, badass? How dare you threaten to assassinate me? If you would surrender, I will let you die with your body intact!" The emperor looked at Darren contemptuously, without fear of the latter.

Darren was a little surprised. Just three days ago, the emperor was scared to death as if seeing a ghost. Yet now, he was behaving so arrogant. He must be supported by someone behind, someone whom he relied so much upon—someone so powerful.

"Hum, very well, how arrogant you are today! But you are about to die.

Tell me! Is killing and enslaving the Chu Clan in Valmar made under your orders?" Darren did not intend to kill him in a rushed manner. Instead, he pronounced his crimes for everyone to know.

"Yes! What would you do about it? Who do you think you are, brat? Do you want to influence my decision?

The Chu Clan deceived me, so I can deal with them as I wish. Do you have any questions? Hahaha"

The emperor was so confident because of the assurance that Holy Lord Landon promised to back him up. He knew that Darren was no match for the Holy Lord, and that the boy would sure eat some dust in the hands of Landon. Thus, right at that very moment, not a tinge of fear was traced in his voice—he was not afraid of Darren at all.

"How did the Chu Clan deceive you?" Darren said, icily. His brows were joined in a furrow because he was confused by the emperor's words.

"Don't talk nonsense! If I say whoever has been guilty of deceiving me, then that is it. I can also kill whomever I do not like. You think you can stop me, huh?" the emperor challenged Darren.

"Well, with that attitude of yours, you are seeking death! Today I am going to cut your head off in front of all the civilians, you asshole!" fed up by the emperor's arrogance, Darren announced before he leaped to attack the emperor.

"How dare you! Go ahead, warriors! The one who kills this guy will rec

ture in black shell that Darren had met in the Devil Den of the Raksa Sea.

"Damn it! He is at least a top three-star grand warrior!" Realizing his opponent's actual skills, Darren was extremely shocked. He immediately mobilized the force of control.

"Water Kylin, come out!"



With a mighty howl spreading all over the area, a fearsome black figure showed up. It leaped in the sky and landed beside Darren, causing towers of dust to rise in the air. The howls the beast made added a deadly air in the previously catastrophic atmosphere in the area.

Wasting no time, the Water Kylin stretched out one of his front hooves and hit Landon back away.

"Ah, what a mighty aura! How could this boy summon a legendary beast?" The older man had never expected such a situation.

"Well, I can't believe that you have a legendary beast to help you, but you are doomed to die!"

After a short while of shock, Landon released a colossal swirl of green lightning, and the great force nearly made the sky fall apart.

"Oh, my goodness! Master, he is nearly a four-star grand warrior. I am afraid that his strength could compare with that of Finley!" The Water Kylin shouted with a trace of nervousness in his voice as he felt the violent aura of Landon's strength.

Standing behind the Water Kylin, Darren was greatly astonished. He had never expected that the Holy Lord Landon had such mighty strength—it was utterly beyond his imagination.

His existence was unreasonable and not allowed in the four regions. He was really a terrible enemy to be able to have hidden his cultivation base for so long.

"Water Kylin, lure him away to a desolate place. I am going to open up the Ancient Void Battlefield and ask Finley to deal with him!" Darren instructed the Water Kylin.

"Okay, master, I can resist this guy's power for more than ten days," replied the beast.

With that, the Water Kylin then carried Darren towards the border of the southern land in a bottleneck speed.

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