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   Chapter 373 Find The Clue (Part Two)

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"Ah! He is the Holy Lord?" the middle-aged man in the dragon robe asked in astonishment. Immediately, he prostrated himself before the Holy Lord, with no laudable tolerant spirit of an emperor.

"Distinguished Holy Lord, please save me. Someone wants to kill me," the middle-aged man pleaded, trembling as the Holy Lord neared him.

"Humph. You don't need to do that. Our Holy Lord will never let off anyone that destroys the stable life of the ordinary land. You could live in peace in the following days. When he comes again, our Holy Lord will execute him on the spot," assured the old man.

"I understand. Thank you for your assurance." Grateful to the Holy Lord, the emperor nodded again and again. A sheepish smile couldn't help but be drawn on his lucid face.

On the other end, as he was flying through the clouds, Darren was severe and calm.

'I'm sure there is someone following me!' Darren thought to himself as he sensed an unwelcomed aura nearby.

Just earlier, when Darren threatened to kill the emperor, he felt several powerful auras flashed against him. Thus, he was confident that what he felt last time was not just an illusion.

Though the auras vanquished quickly, with Darren's perceptivity, he identified a little aura of thunder intent.

"He must be Landon, the Holy Lord of The Lightning Holy Land. It seems that he is more powerful than I expected," Darren said to himself.

Darren had hesitated to kill the emperor moments ago, for he had felt the aura was so strong. So, he had changed his plan and left promptly.

Now, Darren dared not act recklessly. The reason why he had said he would come back three days later was that then he could be powerful enough to open the Ancient Void Battlefield. By that time, he would have nothing to fear.

Very soon, Darren returned to his family. He took

iable possible power ever that not even Holy Lord Landon could withstand!

I have both absorbed and assimilated the spiritual energy. In theory, the speed has reached its limits, but why is the stage of realm improved so slowly?"

Darren mumbled in confusion. He had spent three days absorbing the spiritual energy, but his realm was improved very little.

"I guess my talent is not enough. If I could reach the ninth level of the Heaven Degree like Finley had said, my realm would be improved effortlessly!" thinking about Finley, Darren said after a series of speculations.

'My next goal is to improve my talent degree as much as possible. Yet, for now, first things first. I should kill the emperor!' with a determined will, Darren thought as he flew towards the imperial city.

Since he had sensed the illusion that day, Darren foreboded that killing the emperor today wouldn't be smooth, but he had to hold on to his convictions. After all, he had accumulated enough force of control, which could open the Ancient Void Battlefield. With that, he could let the Water Kylin out or drag his enemy to the Ancient Void Battlefield to ask Finley to help him. That was the plan that Darren had in mind all this time.

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