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   Chapter 372 Find The Clue (Part One)

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With the sun peeking at the horizons, and its light cast a silhouette at the mountains afar, a new and refreshed hope stirred inside Darren. Overseeing the scenic view painted by the sunlight, he took a deep breath and prepared himself to set out. Today, he would head to the capital of Doriath to pick up the guard of the Martial Skill Library.

When all was set and ready, Darren hovered over the clouds with his destination in mind. However, as he was afloat midair, a strange feeling swept over him. He was so troubled by that outlandish sense that he released his spiritual sense to check on the vicinity for something suspicious. To his dismay, he found nothing.

"Hmm, that's so peculiar. I am certain I sensed a strong aura flashing across just now. Was that just my illusion?" with all his senses heightened, Darren mumbled while shaking his head.

Then he went on flying ahead, dismissing the thought on his mind. Though the aura had disappeared as he moved further away, he still felt vaguely uneasy.

While flying, he examined his force of control. Gauging his potentials, he estimated that two to three days from now, he could open the Ancient Void Battlefield. By that time, he would be able to enter the battlefield and visit the Water Kylin and Finley. Even though the idea thrilled him, Darren became vigilant because of the illusion earlier. After the previous bitter lesson that he had experienced, he reminded himself always to make sure that he could open the Ancient Void Battlefield as an escape route, only with that assurance that he could set his mind at rest.

After a few moments, Darren arrived at the capital of Doriath. He was not mesmerized to have arrived at the place for just a short flight because his mind was quite full at the moment. Getting his eyes accustomed to the familiar place, he let out his spiritual sense to sea

Darren had taken him back just now. As a warrior at the top level of the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm, he had no defense against Darren.

Besides, his elder left with a few strong warriors and hadn't returned yet. Left in charge while the elder was away, the emperor had predicted the dreadful consequence that his elder might have already died and would not come back.

"Come in!" the middle-aged man shouted. Then several guards at the Mysterious Realm flew over to stand beside him. The warriors were so vigilant in case Darren would let out any unexpected and unsolicited attack. He was at the rage and was on the verge of vexing out his frustration at the moment.


The middle-aged man beat them and roared, "Where were you just now? What should I do? What should I do?"

"As the emperor of Doriath, how could you be so panic-stricken?" asked a figure that had just arrived at the palace.

Strange scurried voices came as few figures walked into the hall at the moment.

The middle-aged man was shocked, for he sensed that the momentum of the men approaching wasn't weaker than that of Darren.

"Here is the Holy Lord. Go down on your knees!" an old man shouted as he announced the entrance of the Holy Lord.

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