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   Chapter 371 Many Doubts

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After Darren returned to the Chu Clan, he completed all necessary arrangements, including ordering the three invited guardians to take action in times of crisis. If they acted at whim, they would break the rules of all Holy Lands, which would trigger repression. At that time, if Darren were absent, there would be trouble.

Satisfied with the preparations, Darren called the three elders to a private room.

One of the reasons Darren had undertaken this journey was to figure out his true identity.

"Elders, please tell me honestly, am I the son of the Chu Clan?" Darren asked directly.

The three elders froze for a moment. They didn't know what prompted Darren to ask this question.

From among them, the Chief Elder was the first to speak. "Darren, what made you question your lineage? Of course, you are the biological son of Gavin. Unfortunately, your poor father was killed on that day. Alas! We have never learned the identity of his murderer."

Darren probed the Chief Elder with his Spirit Power and found that he hadn't lied.

A frown appeared on Darren's face as a strange feeling coursed through him. Darren had been gifted with a good memory—right since childhood, he could remember incidents that others had forgotten. He was three years older than Belle and clearly remembered the busy scenes in the yard when his sister was born. But Diana had said that he and Belle had not been birthed by the same mother.

So, who was his mother?


At this time, the door opened, and a tall figure entered.

"I know the truth. You are correct. You are not Gavin's son," the man said.

Darren's elder uncle, Reed, had interrupted the conversation.

"What nonsense? I was present on the day of Darren's birth," the Third Elder declared. Agitation coursed through him when he heard Reed's absurd response.

"Sir, what I have said is the truth. Gavin picked up Darren. No. It's not completely accurate to say so," Reed replied.

The elders were confused.

"Nonsense! Did you lose your mind again?" The Second Elder didn't believe it at all.

"Elders, let Uncle Reed continue his explanation. Let's start with whether I was picked up or not." Darren had a feeling that he would learn the truth soon.

"On that day, I was in the backyard speaking with Gavin when a fireball shot across the sky and landed in front of us.

We were terrified that it might explode after the disastrous landing. However,

'Is this the strange ball in which I was transported?' After recalling Reed's description, Darren was nearly sure that these were the shells.

"Ah!" Darren shouted. Darren's eyes were still silvery white. What he didn't know was that a quirky rule on the shell would trigger an invisible attack when exposed to an alien power. The explosive headache distorted time and space before him.

Darren quickly got out of the state of silver-eyes. He whispered in shock, "It seems that space-time rule is inscribed on the shells. This is so weird."

Darren put the shells into the Space Ring and buried the grave. Now that he knew who killed his adoptive father, of course, he would get revenge.

'Reed said that a jade tablet is missing. Could Landon have taken it?' Darren wondered.

'Anyway, I must ask when I confront him!' Darren decided that he would find and punish Landon after finishing other trivial matters.

But at this time, he still couldn't figure out why Landon had killed his father. Did Landon murder his father for that jade tablet? Or did he have another purpose?

Darren couldn't figure it out. He knew that he needed to confront Landon to find answers.


Since he was getting nowhere with these mysteries, Darren tried not to think too much about all this. He rationalized that it would be easy to kill Landon with his current strength. Even if he couldn't, Darren could ask Scott to help him. Landon wouldn't get away.

At this time, Darren did not know how wrong he was. Ordinary grand warriors could not confront the so-called Holy Lord Landon. Dealing with him was not that simple.

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