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   Chapter 370 Invited Guardian (Part Two)

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"I understand, Gary. Don't worry, I can kill and behead your enemy for you." Darren nodded at Gary, still remaining calm and coolheaded.

"You believe me, sir? You're not suspicious that I'm just lying to you?" Darren's reaction was far beyond Gary's expectations. He never dreamed that this young man would promise to avenge him just by hearing his stories.

"You cannot lie to me. I know everything you said is true." Darren gave Gary a slight smile. He had detected the fluctuation of Gary's Spirit Power with his own forceful Spirit Power when Gary was telling his story. As Darren judged according to his experience, the movement of Gary's Spirit Power fit perfectly with his words. So it was impossible that Gary was lying.

Darren then aimed his spiritual sense towards the palace and found Gary's enemy. To his surprise, the bastard was surrounded by several sobbing beautiful girls and was throwing obscenities at them. He groped one of those girls and wildly thrust into her as she trembled underneath him. Once he got bored with the girl, he kicked her aside and took another one. Darren had no doubt that this man was really a piece of shit.

A noise suddenly stirred in the air.

Darren launched a ray of powerful ice sword intent towards the sky, which was immediately shot thousands of miles away.

The royal warrior at the top level of primary stage of Wonder Realm, was still indulging himself with the girls when the forceful sword intent reached him out of nowhere and beheaded him before he could realize what was happening.

Afterwards, the sword intent, commanded by Darren, returned with the warrior's bloody head on it and fell directly by Gary's foot.

"That's his head, Gary. Your enemy is dead. Check it yourself

from the younger generations might be evil and carry on misdeeds. So, he had to remind Gary of this in case something unexpected might happen.

After this affair with Gary was done, Darren flew to a few other places to see several other reclusive cultivators and invited two reclusive cultivators at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm as invited guardians for his clan. He then returned to the residence of the Chu Clan with the three Wonder Realm warriors.

Darren had been so engaged in the affairs for his family that during all these days he had not spotted the several pairs of eyes that were watching him wherever he went.

"When can we slay this bastard, Holy Lord?" asked an old man.

"Darren is going to kill an emperor of a state. I will appear as the Holy Lord on that very day when the killing is done and announce his crime of slaughtering the sovereign. Then we can kill him directly. Even if the killing calls the attention of the law enforcement team of grand warriors, we will have a justifiable cause," said Holy Lord Landon with a darkened face. The green lightning surrounding him turned gloomier as the evil idea came into his mind.

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