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   Chapter 368 The Future Of The Chu Clan (Part Two)

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After hearing Darren's explanation, the crowd exploded in a heated discussion. Upgrading the talent of warriors by taking pills would be an invaluable opportunity for any cultivator, even the royal family. However, one pill for one upgrade sounded too good to be true. It was almost like cheating!

Some people even lost consciousness because they were too excited when they saw so many Talent-upgrading Elixir pills in front of them.

"Please be quiet. I am not finished yet," said Darren calmly. The crowd in the training ground quieted down as soon as Darren showed a little impatience. Instead of verbalizing their excitement, the members of the Chu Clan started to express their eagerness with their eyes. Some even stared at Darren fervently.

"Although these Talent-upgrading Elixir pills are my gift to the Chu Clan, you can't take them as you please. There must be rules, and I am making the rules now. As you all know, the Chu Clan does not have a leader. So, the first thing we should do before everyone gets his or her pills is to appoint a head of the clan who will keep the pills for everyone.

Now, my uncle, please step forward."

Darren nodded at Reed. He couldn't have been clearer about who he wanted to be the head.

"Me? Are you sure?" asked Reed. Though he was anxious and shocked, he followed Darren's request and walked to the stage.

"I nominate Reed, my dear uncle. Reed will be a great chief. What do you say?"

After saying what he had to say, Darren glanced around, indicating that he was truly the boss here. Everybody else, of course, was simply complying with his wishes.

Darren had chosen Reed for two reasons. First of all, Reed was still i

t do nothing?" Reed was a little bit worried about forcing the members of the clan to be gentle and docile toward others.

The southern land was by no means a small area. A lot of powerful clans were rooted in this land. And once the news broke that the Chu Clan had thousands of Talent-upgrading Elixir pills, things would get ugly. They would have to endure attacks and all kinds of evil actions from greedy tribes and cultivators.

"Reed, there is some measure of truth in your concern. Don't worry. I am going to fix this problem for the clan now," responded Darren.

Then he released his powerful spiritual sense and flew toward the clouds.

Darren's spiritual sense could reach as far as one thousand kilometers in the ordinary land. He could also fly at such an astonishing speed that he could travel the one hundred countries in the southern land in no time. As for now, he flew across the southern land and landed in front of a cave on the top of a barren mountain.

"The one who resides in the cave, please show yourself to me," requested Darren. And then his solemn voice reverberated in the deep cave.

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