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   Chapter 367 The Future Of The Chu Clan (Part One)

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Since these cultivators from the royal family had confessed to their crimes, Darren chose not to kill them. Instead, he imprisoned the offenders so that they could be interrogated with the other prisoners.

Later, Darren inquired about what had happened to the guard of the Martial Skill Library. He intended to rescue the guard as soon as he finished what had to be done here.

"Listen to me. Everyone must gather at the training ground now. Darren has some news to share with us." Once the Chief Elder summoned all the clan members, they followed Darren to the training ground.

The members of the Chu Clan almost recovered from their wounds and injuries after absorbing the superior spiritual herbs. Now that they had also regained their freedom, many people had hot tears of gratitude and relief rolling down their cheeks.

While walking toward the training ground, Darren used his spiritual sense to communicate with Finley, who was inside the Ancient Void Battlefield.

"Finley, let me ask you a question. Do you know which of the martial arts skills that I collected in the Ancient Void Battlefield can be used in the outside world?" Since Finley had merged with the Shadow Emperor, it was fair to say that Finley knew a lot more than Darren. So, it was wise to consult him first.

"Well, theoretically speaking, none of those things can be used in the outside world. Previously, the rewards that were given to those who passed a test were specially transformed ones. Those skills could be used in the outside world. But, now the special ones are basically non-existence. However, I think there are other treasures that you can take out. By the way, why did you think of asking me this? Is there something wrong in the outside world?" Finley inquired. He was also a bit worried th

suffered before, he sounded very hoarse. It appeared as though he was not as strong as he used to be.

Then Darren showed up. He said, "My dear brothers and sisters and my respectable elders. I asked everyone to gather at the training ground because I believe it is necessary to make arrangements for the future of the Chu Clan. We must get stronger so that no one will bully us. Never again! And we need to work toward becoming the greatest clan in the 100 countries of the southern land." Darren's voice was full of energy, and what he said excited everyone.

"The number one clan in the southern land? Oh, my god. I can't believe this!"

"Oh, isn't that the greatest news in the world? I almost fainted. Is Darren going to help cultivate a Wonder Realm warrior for the clan?" People started to wonder how Darren was going to deliver what he had just promised.

Then, to their surprise, Darren opened the chest instead of answering their questions. He pointed at the pills, took a look around, and said solemnly, "This pill is called the Talent-upgrading Elixir. Taking one means an upgrade in a person's talent by one level. And everybody can take as many as five in his or her life."

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